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NRCC throws Hayes under the bus

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The NRCC is planning to make last-ditch efforts to buy ad time for some of its incumbents and hopefuls--but Robin Hayes won't be one of the beneficiaries.

By day's end, Hayes had to deny a report that his own party had forsaken him. But there's at least one sign that national Republicans aren't as invested as they planned to be – they've backed off buying television time to run an independent ad in the 8th Congressional District race.

Well, in a way, it's a good thing--we in Charlotte are being subjected to enough slime as it is from McCain. Nonetheless, the fact that the NRCC isn't cutting an ad for him is stunning.

National Repub officials: Liddy "almost certain to lose"

We already knew the Repubs were running scared--but get a load of this. Republican leaders and McCain campaign spokesmen think Liddy Dole will be out of a job.

The possibility that Democrats will build a muscular, 60-seat Senate majority is looking increasing plausible, with new polls showing a powerful surge for the party’s candidates in Minnesota, Kentucky and other states.

A poll out Friday shows Sen. Norm Coleman could now easily lose his Minnesota seat to comedian-turned-candidate Al Franken. A Colorado race that initially looked like a nail-biter has now broken decisively for the Democrats. A top official in the McCain camp told us Sen. Elizabeth Dole is virtually certain to lose in conservative North Carolina.

Wow. I have to admit I didn't expect this.

Civitas still shows presidential race close--might want to drop ABC11 a line

Civitas just came out with a poll showing we're still in play in the presidential race. McCain has 47 percent, Obama 44 percent.

We now have both a partisan Democratic poll and a partisan Republican poll showing the race has pretty much remained static through both conventions. More importantly, it's officially safe to say that SUSA poll showing McCain up 20 (!) is full of crap. I'm of the mind we should let ABC11 in the Triangle know that they made themselves look foolish by promoting this poll.

Two wildly different polls from SUSA and PPP

Just what does the race look like here in North Carolina? Well, Survey USA and Public Policy Polling offer two wildly different assessments.

SUSA, in cooperation with ABC11 in the Triangle, has McCain up to an improbable 20-point lead over Obama. I say "improbable" because in looking at the internals, this poll makes absolutely no sense. PPP sounds a bit more realistic even if you allow for the fact it's a partisan Dem poll--McCain up four.

Charlotte Observer to GOP: It's our duty to ask about Palin

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My hometown paper, the Charlotte Observer, heard the Repub demands to stop digging into Sarah Palin's background and basically said, "Um, no."

If you're going to nominate someone for vice president who is unknown to most Americans – because she is a fresh face and a Washington outsider – you can't at the same time blame journalists looking into the newcomer's background.

Yet that's been a theme undergirding this week's media bashfest in St. Paul.

I expected the Observer to get its back up on this one. Remember, the Observer is owned by McClatchy, the same folks who bring you the McClatchy Washington Bureau (formerly the Knight-Ridder Washington Bureau, which McClatchy thankfully kept when it bought Knight-Ridder along with the Observer.

Liddy Dole goes over the line

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Liddy Dole just rolled out a new attack ad on Kay Hagan--one that, to my mind, went several miles over the line.

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Let's see here now--portraying your opponent, who happens to be a woman, as a yipping dog. Am I the only one who thinks Dole just called Hagan a "bitch"? I've seen some dirty, below-the-belt attack ads in my time, but this takes the cake.


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