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Richard Burr Blocks Nomination of Disabled Iraq War Vet, Major Tammy Duckworth

Just when we thought that Richard Burr couldn't outdo himself, jimstaro at dKos lets us know that he's holding up Tammy Duckworth's nomination to a key post at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

According to the AP, Burr, the ranking Republican on the Veterans Affairs Committee, asked the committee to hold off on sending her nomination to the full Senate until he can ask more questions. Um, Richard? Unless you were sleeping through the hearings, you should have had time to ask your precious questions.

I look at this and I wonder--why in the world do Repub Senators from our state seem to lack any sort of decency? First Liddy's disgusting ads, now this.

You guys know what to do--pester Burr. Now.

Senator Richard Burr
(202) 224-3154

Gay marriage ban likely scuttled for now

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If North Carolina's constitution is ever amended to ban gay marriage, it'll probably be 2012 at the earliest. The state house has made it difficult, if not impossible, for such a monstrosity to even come up for a vote.

After the protesters numbering at least 3,000 by police estimate ended their rally in near-freezing temperatures, Democratic leaders in the House required that a marriage amendment bill co-sponsored by 66 of the chamber's 120 members go through four committees before floor debate can begin.

That is an unheard number of committees for any bill in the Legislature. And a similar Senate bill was sent last week to a committee that has not met in years.

A bill sponsored by a majority of the legislature being kept off the floor? Those evil, evil, evil libruls! But there's one problem--the state constitution requires that an amendment initiated in the General Assembly must get the support of three-fifths of both houses before getting on the ballot. And I seriously doubt there's anywhere near three-fifths support in either chamber.

Liddy's campaign manager: "Godless" ads were a Hail Mary

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This month's issue of Politics magazine has a front-page story by Liddy Dole's former campaign manager, Marty Ryall. He admits what most of us in North Carolina have known for some time--the "Godless" ad was an act of desperation.

Many in the media, especially on the liberal side, were quick to point to the ad and claim it backfired, costing Dole the election. Nothing could be further from the truth. When a football team is trailing by 7 points and throws a “Hail Mary” on the last play of the game, they don’t lose because they failed to complete the play, they lose because they were down 7 points and time was running out.

Huh? That doesn't make much sense. It didn't backfire? Doesn't seem that way judging by the well-deserved reaming Liddy took in the local press.

Did you know NC's constitution bars atheists from holding office?

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When I found out that an Arkansas state rep is trying to repeal a provision in his state constitution that bars atheists from holding office, I remembered that, sadly, North Carolina's constitution has a similar provision.

Article 6, Section 8 says that anyone who "shall deny the being of Almighty God" can't hold office in the state. And here's another kicker--this provision was carried over verbatim from the 1868 Constitution even though SCOTUS threw out a similar provision in Maryland just 10 years before the current constitution was adopted.

Time to pester our Senators--defense contractor gets a new contract despite criminal investigation

Just found out via this post on dKos that KBR, a longtime defense contractor, just got a new $35 million contract from the Pentagon despite being under criminal investigation for electrocuting two of our troops in Iraq.

Both Hagan and Burr are on the Armed Services Committee. Pester them. Now.

P.S. Just as I was writing this, I discovered that KBR is also being charged with bribing Nigerian officials--and might be about to plead guilty.

Bank of America owes North Carolinians an apology

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Let's give credit where credit is due -- Bank of America, and its previous incarnations as NCNB and NationsBank, played a major role in North Carolina's massive economic growth of the past 30 years. Admittedly, it was almost out of necessity--back in the 1970s and 1980s, a lot of banks down here were deathly afraid of being swallowed up by the big New York banks. The solution? Make yourself too rich to eat.

Today, we learn that Bank of America has slapped our state in the face. The AP reports (hat tip to pkbarbiegirl at dKos) that the 12 banks receiving the most from the federal bailout sought permission to bring thousands of foreign workers here for high-paying jobs. According to this NYT chart, Bank of America received $45 billion from the bailout -- more than any bank except Citigroup.

Unless I'm very wrong here, this can only mean one thing -- Bank of America has slapped its home state in the face, and owes it an apology.

Civitas confirms Dole "Godless" ad was a wash at best

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Yesterday, Betsy mentioned a Rasmussen poll which apparently shows Liddy Dole losing ground as a result of her disgusting attacks on Kay Hagan's faith. The poll was taken October 29--the day the ad hit the airwaves.

Well, we've got another poll out that confirms this ad was, at best, a wash for Dole. Civitas shows Kay with a two-point lead, 45-43. It's within the margin of error, but still this is a Republican polling firm confirming that Dole's desperate push into the gutter hasn't vaulted her ahead.


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