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Shuler reportedly giving serious thought to running for governor

WLOS in Asheville reports that Heath Shuler is taking a very long look at the governor's race, and is apparently leaning pretty strongly toward getting in.

Good news: he'd probably clear the field if he ran. Bad news--unless the congressional map gets thrown out, this makes NC-11 a very, very tough hold. For those who don't know, under the Ruchomander NC-11 is the most Republican district in the entire state.

PPP: Erskine Bowles has best shot of keeping governorship in Dem hands

Not surprisingly, Public Policy Polling's phone has been ringing off the hook today. However, based on their October polling, Erskine Bowles would likely be the strongest candidate against all-but-certain Repub nominee Pat McCrory. And the numbers for Democrats nationally have gotten a lot friendlier since October.

Shameless plug--if you think the same way, help draft Bowles

Patrick Wooden: the real face of Amendment One

One of the major leaders of the Amendment One push is Patrick Wooden, pastor of Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh. Lately, PFAW's Right Wing Watch has tracked down some of Wooden's recent comments in the media. Some of them are downright cringe-worthy, even by wingnut standards. Among other things, he thinks that gays stick objects up their rear ends, and claims to have seen a gay man die from losing his bowels.

Am I the only one who thinks this guy is a black Fred Phelps?

Forrester lying about being a member of the American Medical Association as well

The lies just keep piling up for State Senate Deputy President Pro Tem James Forrester. We already knew his claims to be a fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine and an associate fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association were false. If those weren't enough reason to demand Forrester's resignation, WRAL's Laura Leslie dug up something today that practically screams for him to go.

Forrester's campaign website also says he is a member of the American Medical Association. An AMA spokesperson says Forrester is not currently a member of the group.

Forrester claims the errors were inadvertent. I'd find that a little easier to believe if the claims weren't STILL on his campaign Website as of now (10:32 pm Eastern).

McHenry's sliming of Elizabeth Warren might get her elected to the Senate

Late yesterday, Elizabeth Warren formed an exploratory committee for a Senate run in 2012. Suffice to say that one of the fastest ways to get voters to the polls would be to show video of Patrick McHenry's disgraceful treatment of her back in May.

Hope you're proud of yourself, Congressman. You just might be responsible for keeping the Senate in Democratic hands.

Mecklenburg redistricting fiasco is strongest argument yet for home rule

As many of you know, the state legislature took it upon itself to ram through its own map for Mecklenburg County commission districts. The reason? Republicans on a citizens' commission were upset that one of the maps under consideration would have split the towns in the southeastern part of the county into two districts.

Whatever you may think about what the citizen board was considering, this strongarm act by the legislature is yet more proof North Carolina needs to bring local government into the 21st century. Specifically, we need local home rule.

Sign a petition to tell Perdue and the General Assembly to compensate victims of eugenics program

I was horrified earlier this month to learn the details about the eugenics program this state operated for 45 years. From 1929 to 1974, the state Eugenics Board had the power to order anyone sterilized whom it deemed an unfit parent.

Easley apologized to the victims back in 2002, and Perdue has appointed a task force to determine whether and how the victims will be compensated. The General Assembly will make the final decision. But there shouldn't even be a debate. Help me tell Perdue and the state legislature that the victims must be compensated. Sign this petition.

More background info after the jump.

General Assembly considering nonpartisan redistricting starting in 2020

cross-posted (in slightly edited form) at dKos

Per an editorial from Sunday's Charlotte Observer, there's reason for hope the Repubs won't gerrymander the hell out of the state after all. A proposal currently working its way through the legislature would eliminate most (if not all) of the partisan tinder from redistricting starting with the 2020s round. The bill would put the redistricting processin the hands of the legislative staff.

The House last week passed a proposal that would have legislative staff members, not elected legislators, draw the boundaries of congressional and legislative districts. It would take effect in 2021, the next time district lines are scheduled to be redrawn.

The legislation is modeled after the system in Iowa. Legislative staffers, sequestered from elected officials, draw maps and present them for an up-or-down vote by the House and Senate.

The proposal is viewable here. It would specifically ban redistricting to favor a party or incumbent. The bill passed pretty handily in the state house, and is currently in committee in the state senate.

Observer calls out McHenry

cross-posted at dKos

The Charlotte Observer editorial board, like most of us, watched Patrick McHenry's ugly attack on Elizabeth Warren--and this morning, let it be known that it isn't pleased.

No matter your political view, rude and boorish behavior from our politicians should be unacceptable. Those who represent us should display the best of us - even when disagreements get heated.

Shame, then, on our own U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry. This week he became Exhibit A of the coarse incivility that has become the hallmark of political discourse in this country.

In the Observer's view, McHenry's nitpicky line of questioning "crossed every etiquette line imaginable." The editorial also points out that when McHenry accused Warren of lying--both about her role in negotiating a settlement on improper foreclosures and about whether she could leave the hearing--he stopped just short of accusing her of a crime. For those who don't remember, it's a crime to lie to Congress.


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