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Carolina tells WRDU and WPTI not to promote it during Rush's show

Earlier this month, Carolina claimed that the seven stations that air both Tar Heel sports and Rush Limbaugh are not its problem. Well, earlier today, at least in part in response to 1,100 people telling him that Rush was indeed their problem, school officials told Raleigh's WRDU and Greensboro's WPTI not to reference the school or the Tar Heel Sports Network during Limbaugh's show. The two stations, which still (crassly) promote themselves as "Rush Radio," also will not be allowed to promote Limbaugh during Carolina football and basketball broadcasts. It's a start, but it doesn't go far enough.

Need help with final push with petitioning Carolina to dump Limbaugh stations--just a few away from 1,000

In case you haven't heard, I'm pushing a petition to get Carolina to tell the seven Tar Heel Sports Network stations that also carry Rush Limbaugh (including Raleigh's WRDU and Greensboro's WPTI--both of which still crassly brand themselves as "Rush Radio") that they can't carry both. As of 11:50 am North Carolina time, it's just 32 signatures away from 1,000.

If you haven't already, head over there and sign--help tell Carolina that, contrary to what associate AD Rick Steinbacher said earlier this week, this is definitely its problem. Carolina has a chance to set an example for other college and pro teams whose radio stations also air El Rushbo. Help make it happen.

Help tell UNC that having Limbaugh affiliates carrying its sports programming IS its problem

I don't think I'm the only one who thinks Carolina associate AD Rick Steinbacher doesn't understand why so many people are upset about seven Tar Heel Sports Network affiliates carrying Rush Limbaugh as well. So let's spell it out in simple terms--there is something fundamentally wrong with a station being allowed to trade on Carolina's brand when it also airs a guy who thinks making hateful and misogynistic statements about women is merely humor gone wrong. Help let Carolina know that this is definitely its problem.

Two years ago, I drove to Carolina's game against Texas in Greensboro. I have to admit feeling more than a little uneasy over having to listen to the pregame on WPTI, a station that, like Raleigh's WRDU, bills itself as "Rush Radio." But I didn't think it was anything worth taking to the streets (figuratively speaking). But Limbaugh's ugly attacks on Sandra Fluke changed everything.

Limbaugh's idea of humor is more reason UNC needs to yank its games from any stations that carry him

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As many of you know, I'm trying to get my alma mater, the University of North Carolina, to tell the seven stations in its sports radio network that also carry Rush Limbaugh that they need to take their pick--keep their affiliation with Rush or keep their affiliation with Tar Heel football and basketball. They can't have both. And Rush's sorry attempt at an apology only proves it.

I'm as big a Tar Heel fan as I am a Democrat--and not just because I'm also a graduate (class of '00). So you'll have to pardon me if I'm a little confused about something. In what world can the owner of one of the strongest brands in college athletics allow a station to trade on said brand when said station airs a guy who not only thinks it's okay to call a woman a "slut" and a "prostitute," but then fobs it off as an attempt at humor gone awry?

It's not just WRDU--tell UNC to sever its relationship with any station that carries Limbaugh

James mentioned that the Tar Heel Sports Network's affiliate for the Triangle area outside of Chapel Hill, WRDU in Raleigh, also carries Rush Limbaugh. But it turns out there are six other stations that carry Carolina football and basketball as well as Limbaugh: WPTI in Greensboro (which uses the same "Rush Radio" branding as WRDU), SPC in Albemarle, WGBR in Goldsboro, WHKP in Hendersonville, WCAB in Rutherfordton, and WSIC in Statesville.

I just started a petition asking Chancellor Holden Thorp and AD Bubba Cunningham to yank Carolina basketball and football from any station that carries El Rushbo. Sign here.

Jennifer Roberts to run in NC-09

In a sign that Charlotte-area Dems must smell blood in the water, former Mecklenburg County Commission chairwoman Jennifer Roberts announced she's running for the 9th congressional district.

Calling this a huge, huge get would be an understatement. The Democrats haven't put up a reasonably well-funded candidate here since 1986, back before most of Charlotte's blacks got drawn into the 12th. While the 9th is still undeniably Republican-leaning, Charlotte is turning bluer by the minute.

Only bad thing is that Charlotte-area Dems are going to be stretched pretty thin, between this race and Larry Kissell in the fight of his political life in NC-08.

Ada Fisher is a spammer

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This past weekend, I shot off an email to Dr. Ada Fisher, the Republican national committeewoman for North Carolina, asking her to speak out against RNC chairman Reince Priebus' disgusting comparison of President Obama to Costa Concordia coward Francesco Schettino. I did this hoping that Fisher had at least some semblance of decency.

Well, this afternoon I was out walking when my Yahoo! Mail Android app beeped. Turned out Fisher had replied. I thought I was getting a response. What I got instead was a mass email on what was up with Republicans and the presidency. This email was also sent to several black media outlets (Fisher is one of three African-American members of the RNC) and right-wing email lists.

Does Ada Fisher have the decency to tell Reince Priebus to resign?

Many of you know that RNC chairman Reince Priebus had the gall to compare President Obama to Francesco Schettino, the coward who ran the Costa Concordia aground. Priebus has had long enough to apologize, and it's time for him to resign.

You would think that at least some Republican national committee(wo)men at least have some semblance of decency. I'm hoping that one of North Carolina's two representatives on the RNC, Dr. Ada Fisher, is one of them. Drop her a line at fisheram at msn dot com.

ACTION ALERT: Tell pushers of NC gay marriage ban to condemn Patrick Wooden's hateful remarks

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As many of you know, Patrick Wooden, a black pastor in Raleigh who is helping lead the push to write a gay-marriage ban into North Carolina's constitution, jumped into the spotlight a few weeks ago with remarks that are disgusting and hateful, even by fundie standards. In two separate radio appearances with Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality that gays have to wear diapers or butt plugs and stick objects up their rears to keep from losing their bowels.

Regardless of where you stand on gay rights, this kind of hate has no place in civilized discourse. Period. Let's tell Wooden's buddies at the Christian Action League and Vote for Marriage NC--the people driving this amendment--to put their money where their mouth is and tell Wooden his comments are unacceptable.


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