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I was a victim of NC's flawed warrant process

Seven years ago next week, my now ex-wife had me arrested on false charges of having a girl watch X-rated movies and threatening to beat her up if she told anyone about it. I have wondered for years how this could have happened, despite several obvious red flags that suggested this affair should have never gotten anywhere near as far as it did. Well, I recently found out how--North Carolina's process by which individuals can swear out warrants is fundamentally flawed, to the point that it allows obviously bogus cases to make it to court. Sign this petition to get this unfair process scrapped.

Owner of NC hotel where three people died from CO leak must have ALL its hotels shut down

Back in April, Shirley and Daryl Jenkins, an elderly couple from Washington state, died in their room at the Best Western Plus Blue Ridge Plaza in Boone. The cause? Carbon monoxide poisoning. Earlier this month, Jeffrey Williams, an 11-year-old boy from South Carolina staying in the very same room, also died from CO poisoning. Well, now we know that all three deaths were the result of a criminal act. Yesterday, Boone town inspectors revealed the source of the CO leak was a malfunctioning indoor pool heater--one that installed without a permit.

Incredibly, though, town officials are holding out the prospect that this hotel may reopen. Sorry, that's not acceptable. The hotel's manager, Appalachian Property Management, also operates four other hotels in the area. Help me tell town officials that this company must never be allowed to run hotels in Boone again.

Nate Silver: McCrory is one of the most conservative governors in the nation

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight is out with new figures on how conservative the nation's 30 Republican governors are. They reveal something staggering--Pat McCrory is the ninth most conservative governor in the nation. In fact, he's to the right of the likes of Sam Brownback, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Jan Brewer, Rick Scott and Nikki Haley. When you're to the right of that crew, that takes a lot of effort.

The state Democratic Party immediately pounced on this with a release declaring that McCrory's self-designation as an "Eisenhower Republican" is an elaborate sham. As the release points out, McCrory has signed into law measures that gut unemployment insurance and let the earned income tax credit expire.

Wingnut here in Charlotte apparently thinks 47 percent of North Carolinians aided and abetted treason

Thought I'd share an example of the tail-end thinking still prevalent here in Charlotte. I saw this in a parking lot Sunday afternoon:

So I guess by this wingnut's logic, 47 percent of North Carolinians and 51 percent of all Americans are guilty of aiding and abetting treason? That's about the only conclusion I can draw. Then again, some of them apparently wanted to hold treason trials for Democrats if Romney had won.

Sean Harris' "give him a good punch" sermon is STILL on YouTube

You may remember that back during the Amendment One fight, Sean Harris, pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, suggested in a sermon that if a child displayed gay tendencies, one way to deal with them was to "give him a good punch." The video went viral, and Harris was ultimately forced to issue a retraction. But three months later, the video is still available on Berean's official YouTube channel. See for yourself.

Fortunately something can be done. The church also operates a Christian school, Berean Baptist Academy. Tell the Division of Non-Public Education to investigate that school.

Glenn Beck to lose Charlotte outlet

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Glenn Beck is about to lose one of his biggest markets--specifically, Charlotte.

The Charlotte Observer's Mark Washburn reports that Beck's outlet here in Charlotte, WBCN-AM, will drop its conservative talk format in favor of CBS Sports Radio, a new joint venture between CBS Radio and Cumulus Media. WBCN will carry the format 24/7. Recently, the other big talker down here, WBT, has begun downplaying politically-oriented talk, so it's not likely Beck will have a place to go here in the Queen City. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Dennis Miller will also be looking for a new home as well.

State house passes bill to gut Racial Justice Act. Tell the state senate not to follow suit.

Late Wednesday, the state house passed a bill that essentially guts the Racial Justice Act. This monstrosity passed with a 72-47 margin after five conservative Democrats defected--enough to override a veto. Apparently the Democrats were assured by provisions that supposedly protect against racial bias, even though the proposed bill would make it all but impossible to use the kind of statistical evidence that allowed Marcus Robinson to get his sentence commuted to life earlier this year.

The bill now goes to the state senate, which passed a similar repeal attempt last fall by a veto-proof margin. But there's still time to head this off at the pass. Tell the state senate to let the Racial Justice Act stand.

Fayetteville pastor tells parents to give gay kids "a good punch"--then claims it was a joke

Sean Harris, pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, used his Sunday sermon to urge his flock to vote for Amendment One. But as he closed, he went off the deep end, giving the parents in his flock "special dispensation" to give their kids "a good punch" if they appear to be acting gay. Watch the whole thing here.

Apparently Harris knows he stepped in it, because now he's saying it was only a joke. No, Pastor. Child abuse is NEVER a joking matter. Tell Harris he needs to apologize.

Judge throws out death sentence in first Racial Justice Act appeal

Earlier this morning, Cumberland County Superior Court Judge Greg Weeks issued a potentially landmark ruling in the first-ever appeal of a death sentence under the Racial Justice Act. Weeks ruled that prosecutors in Cumberland County deliberately kept blacks off the jury in Robinson's 1994 trial.

Robinson relied heavily on a study by Michigan State that found a 20-year pattern of blacks being excluded from juries more than potential jurors of other races. Specific to his case, blacks were excluded 3.5 times more than whites.

Read Weeks' ruling here.

Guy who created "Debbie Spend It Now" ad to run McCrory's air war

We in Charlotte already knew that Pat McCrory's moderate facade was baloney. But we got even more proof of it today. He's hired longtime Republican media consultant Fred Davis as his media consultant.

Davis, for those who don't know, is the same guy who created the disgustingly racist "Debbie Spend It Now" ad for former Michigan congressman Pete Hoekstra--and in the process singlehandedly gave Debbie Stabenow a third term. Says a lot about McCrory, doesn't it?


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