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Grinding it out

My campaign for Congress, District 13, is a continuing, aggressive grassroots campaign, so while you may not see me on TV, know I'm using all the dollars I get for A-to-Z retail campaigning, including much social media. We are in a David and Goliath battle against Richie Rich Holding, but we are going to be in a nip and tuck battle, believe it or not. If you want to help me cross the finish line with a big upset, please send me just $5 or $10 or whatever for our final ad push. I am not like Kissell and McIntyre, for I not only support President Obama, I've made calls for him at OFA. I'm out there to make it to Washington so I can have the president's back. Please help, if just a little bit.

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Out of context

I am sick and tired of seeing President Obama's statements grossly taken out of context. "The private economy is doing fine" were his words while comparing private job loss totals with public sector job loss totals. "If you have a business--you didn't build that" is referring to the infrastructure surrounding the business. It is so bad that a lawyer told me if he used the same logic and comparisons in court to prove his point, he would be disbarred.

I am fighting to get to Congress to help President Obama and in my campaign, I am one Democrat who will never deny that I support him or the principles of the Democratic Party.

Malone congressional candidacy taking form

I believe my campaign for Congress in the 13th District is taking form. Our chances are good for an upset. I have met people in Creedmoor, Nashville, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Garner, Fuquay Varina, Apex and in Raleigh.

I just hope more people will donate to my campaign, not that I can match the Super Pacs that will be opposing me, but so I can do enough to get my progressive message out there. My dollar will go a lot farther than my opponent's will, because I'll have a ground game and it will be more effective than carpet TV ads in this mix of urban and rural areas in the new 13th.

Some BlueNC folks have helped a lot, but I need more help, so if you can spare a little, please do. Go to my Website where I have Actblue set up for online giving. Many thanks, my friends.

Doing right for immigrant youth

Lincoln regarded immigrants "as one of the principal replenishing streams which are appointed by Providence" to become productive people in America. I think yesterday's action by President Obama follows in this tradition and will be a first step toward bringing a promising element of human decency into our evolving immigration policy in America.

Malone for Congress NC Dist. 13

I am running for Congress in Dist. 13. This is the seat Brad Miller is retiring from. It is an open seat being contested between George Holding, Republican,ex-Jessie Helms aid and federal prosecutor, and myself, Charles Malone, Democrat, former Vietnam vet, small business manager and now a state employee (don't worry, got plenty of vacation time).

It is simple, we either go forward with a 99% attitude, or go backwards with a 1% attitude--such as my opponent will do. Please invest in my campaign with whatever you can give, so we can deliver one heck of a surprise on November 6th of this year.

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Malone vs. Holding

Just want to say I plan, as the Democratic Party nominee for the 13th Congressional District, to run a serious challenge against Holding, contrary to what some blogs are writing tonight. It will be tough, but we can do it.

Our 99% values will stand in stark contrast to their 1% values. So, take heart, this seat is too value to simply give away with our best efforts. It will be tough to fight their big bucks, but there is "more than one way to skin a cat."

Charles Malone

GOP does injustice to Justice Act

It is a grave wrong to let anyone die because of who they are, instead of what they did.

But does this make a difference to the GOP majority in the NC General Assembly?

Apparently not.

This law--the Racial Justice Act, which the Republican-led state Senate defanged this week--is a two-year-old law that allowed death-row inmates to use statistical evidence of racial bias to challenge their sentences-- is not about letting anyone out of jail or even stopping the death penalty. It is simply making sure the punishment for a capital crime is set against the particulars of the crime, not the person, be he or she the victim or the assailant.

Pro-life is a concept worthy of its name only when it is applied with equal vigor at the end of life as it is at the beginning.

Charles Malone

Our better angels

As long as we try to make up in anger what we lack in reason, we will have a political journey as self-defeating as the sailor who puts to sea in a storm.

Let's pray that the Tucson violence will help us all to "find the better angels of our nature" as we exercise our rights as free citizens of this great country.

Charles Malone

The hard reality

It is a hard reality when you seek to win a hard fought campaign, such as my attempt to win a NC Senate seat this week against the incumbent Republican, and it ends with a loss.


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