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Join us tomorrow to deliver our petition to support the public option to Sen Hagan !

BlueNC & NC progressive activists pulled out all the stops to encourage Senator Hagan to support President Obama's public insurance option and it paid off.

During the last few weeks, with the help of James, Betsy, Pam, Jane Hamshire and all of of us here at BlueNC, we gathered thousands of signatures for a petition from NC breast cancer survivors urging Senator Hagan to support the public option. Tomorrow in Raleigh we'll be delivering these to Senator Hagan's office and we need you there!

"Card Check" "Save Our Ballot" Burr Hypocrisy and the Return of Rovian Politics in NC


Yesterday, an Art Pope funded corporate shill group called Americans for Prosperity, that once claimed raising the minimum wage would actually hurt American workers, gave Richard Burr, a man who has made a career out of shortchanging American workers, an award “In Defense of the American Worker.”

Just typing that sentence almost made my head explode. But it gets worse.


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