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Now I can't even remember where that line came from... was it Army of Darkness?

Anyway, While on are weekly excursion to B&N for coffee and book browsing, my husband and I stumbled across a book that I found to be very interesting. "The Blue Pages, 2nd Edition." is a directory of business and how much they contribute to either the Democratic or Republican party, their lobby spending, and other useful information, such as whether they are harming or helping the environment, whether they offer domestic partner benefits, and if their insurance covers transgender employees, if they plead guilty to doing business with a terrorist organization, and so on.

Excuse me?!

I was searching the Library of Congress page for bills on LGBT equality, when I stumbled upon something odd, that I dismissed at the time as I was running late for a meeting anyway. Then I saw it again today on another site. And I was livid.

How does it affect you?

How does it affect you? That's my question. I like to ask people opposed to granting marriage equality to same-sex couple, to see how they respond. For some reason i get a lot of responses that start with "Well, God said..." I don't recall getting a clear answer, usually the closest to an actual response I get is some of the poorly constructed, inaccurate, and mostly unrelated canned responses from a NOM advertisement, probably forwarded by e-mail six or seven times.

So that is what I wonder, How will the government recognizing my relationship as equal to that of other couples affect an opposite-sex couples life? I would love to know because I am hard pressed to come up with a viable answer.

While people are mulling that over I'd like to share some of the ways that the government's refusal to recognize my relationship affects my life.

Updated: Must (not) watch TV

Updated: A friend of mine called the station and spoke with someone in their sales. (Executive but the name escapes me for the moment) The person she spoke with said it was a local affiliate that simply sold air time, and that the LGBT community is welcome to purchase air time if they would like to present a counter point.

My problem with that is this. Would they have sold the time slot to a racist group that wanted to air a program about the dangers of people of color? I've emailed them asking about that and am currently waiting a response.


Well, in case you missed it, there was a wonderful...>cough The full video is actually available online at

"Near may be better than far,

but it still isn't there." - Into the Woods.

I've been feeling very musical lately, which is not a good thing, really. But today, in my mind at least, is an interesting day. Just past the 30th anniversary of the White Night Riots, and a little further past the 5th anniversary of marriage equality in Massachusetts (And yes it is still standing! See it doesn't bring about the apocalypse.) A day to remember those who have served this country, and for me a day to think of those cast from the ranks because of who they were and the still standing blemish of DADT. And a day before the California Supreme Court announces its decision on Prop 8. (With Celebrations or Protests planned to follow in 90 cities)

I also watched "Milk" this weekend, which put me in the mind of "The more things change the more they stay the same." (Scary to hear the words of Anita Bryant still being echoed to this day)

School Violence Statistics

I've been talking to a lot of people on the local level about the School Violence Prevention Act, and urging people to write, e-mail, phone, or otherwise contact their representatives and urge them to support this important piece of legislation.

Well, recently I was asked to gather some statistics on school bullying for a local Democrat newsletter. The information was quite abundant on the web, and it really drove home the point that has bothered me. Opponents of the bill seem to be objecting to the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity, because they fear it will lead to other rights being granted to LGBT people. (Yes, I know the idea of me being granted the same rights as my brother and sister is absolutely terrifying but bear with me.)

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