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Arming Insurgents!!!

George Bush and the administration, faced with little success for the troop surge, have come up with a new theory... arm the insurgents. The last time we armed Sunni insurgents was in Afghanistan and one of their leaders was Osama Bin Laden.

Mexican Elections

Mexico elects its new President today. The race seems to be between three candidates. The front runner is Manuel Lopez Obrador, a member of the Revolutionary Democratic Part (PRD). Historically, the PAN has been on the left of the Mexican political spectrum. Manuel Lopez Obrador is the mayor of Mexico City and has followed in the footsteps Cuahtemoc Cardenas who many believed should have won the Presidency in 1988. Vincente Fox's political party, the National Action Party (PAN), is running Felipe Calderon. And finally, the Institutional Revoutionary Party (PRI) is supporting Roberto Madrazo.


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