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Photographers Protest Restrictions

There have been lots and lots of reduction in our rights as photographers to make images in the past 7 years. I am amazed at some of the stories I read and hear about these days.
As American citizens, we have THE RIGHT to make any photograph at any time in public. We have the RESPONSIBILITY to make sure those who work for us (police especially) are doing their jobs, and there is a long-standing, historical interest in documenting our society.

Nothing For America's Poor Children--Billions for North Korea?

Yes, apparently that is what our great pResident believes, at least today. His veto of the very bi-partisanly passed childrens insurance program increase on the very same day the US agreed to assume the cost of N. Korea's (most likely failed) nuclear program reaches new lows even for this administration.

Things for you to ponder

I ponder things like this while I drive all over Western North Carolina, now you can too!

1. While I know that health care costs have gone up a lot, it seems that all the money GM made from the efforts of workers over the years should still be around. I bet retired GM executives are not worried about their health care. Where did the money go?

I am committing a crime

or, at least I would be if I were living in China.

See, I think the Chinese government is one of the most repressive in history. I think their censorship policies suck. Their turn-the-other-way attitude with big business sucks. Their crackdown on freedom of speech and expression sucks.


Of course I feel the same way about much of our government too.

I said it.


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