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Editorial on short changing the future

As someone said recently, our children are only 21 percent of the state's population, but they're 100 percent of our future.
Stand up for 'em now.

Editorial from this week's Carrboro Citizen:

Denial of service

You would think that here in the tenth largest state in the wealthiest country ever that cutting back on children’s’ health care to save money would be off the table.

Think again. Then count to ten, because it isn’t.

Pyle on war

No journalist has ever captured the reality of war like Ernest Taylor Pyle, who lived — and died — among the soldiers he covered.
From his column Brave Men:

Even after a winter of living with wholesale death and vile destruction, it is only spasmodically that I seem capable of realizing how real and how awful this war is. My emotions seem dead and crusty when presented with the tangibles of war. I find I can look on rows of fresh graves without a lump in my throat. Somehow I can look on mutilated bodies without flinching or feeling deeply.

It is only when I sit alone away from it all, or lie at night in my bedroll recreating with closed eyes what I have seen, thinking and thinking and thinking, that at last the enormity of all these newly dead strikes like a living nightmare.

Giving up corporate pork

This week's column is about my recent decision to give up corporate pork.

After I wrote the column, I had the pleasure of attending quite an event and hearing Carlo Petrini speak. There's audio of his remarks and photos at The Carrboro Citizen's new site dedicated to our area's rich agriculture and food traditions. Please take a look at Land & Table and tell me what you think.

Here's the column:

House passes budget

Tonight, in order to meet the constitutional requirement that the budget be voted on in two separate days, the state House is staying past midnight. One standout on the bill — a sustantial increase to the rainy day fund.

The budget just passed on second reading 68 to 51.

Third reading is a little more than an hour away.

Bill and the PCS on the NCGA home page

AP on the debate.

Also right after midnight: Gerry Cohen's birthday.


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