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I'm in love with my basic cable. It costs about $12 bucks a month, but it's not the cost that is most impressive. Nope, the best part is not having to watch CNN and Fox tell me how to think. That has spared me from viewing the creepy cult meme in all its glory. Via Will Bunch:

Energy week

This week, the Emerging Issues forum is taking a long, intense look at energy and the future of North Carolina with respect to climate change, greater energy efficiency and self-sufficiency and so on. While there is a lot of emphasis on green and alternatives, there's also going to be a heavy focus on the corporate sector including a panel with both Bill Johnson of Progress Energy and Jim Rodgers of Duke Energy and another panel on "converting Green to Green" with Jeff Immelt, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, General Electric Corporation.

Lynching is not funny

Let's see, he says that maybe not so many people will turn out to review a government action next time if there's a lynching and only some people want him to resign? And there's a council member that didn't think he meant any harm by making a lynching joke. Then there's the 'Oh gosh this might upset the antique trade' comment.
Clueless, racist or both?

Some residents are calling for the mayor of Selma to resign after he made a comment about a lynching at a town meeting – a comment the mayor says was only an unthinking joke.

Impeachment debate

Spent a little time on the phone with Michael Tomasky and Bruce Fein who are coming to Carrboro to debate the impeachment of the president and vice president. Nice chat with each. Tomasky, who was covering the NH primary, was very straight up about the political reality. Fein doesn't want to see the administration get away with it and made a heck of an analysis of the global and local consequences.
Should be a swell time. Here's the story from The Citizen with the time and location (after the jump, of course):

Higher Ground

Higher ground

Like the civil rights movement of the last century, which by necessity is still, well, necessary, resolving the moral and legal issues around immigration won’t wait for politicians, business leaders and polite society to work things out. Like the civil rights struggle, law and economics and the basic guarantees of human rights are in profound disagreement. Just as it was under Jim Crow, an underclass has been created, one full of individuals who are only permitted limited participation in society and are disenfranchised politically just as hardily as they are exploited economically.

Blue Yodel No. 171

From this week's Exile column:

Blue Yodel No. 171
Randy Parton said it best the night he was told to leave his namesake theater. Speaking to a couple of reporters upon exit, Parton — brother o’ Dolly — noted that he’d fulfilled his obligations to the City Of Roanoke Rapids and then neatly summed up in a pissed-off-country-singer kind of way the state of what was once touted as Branson East.

“You see anything else out here?” he snarled.

Indeed, sport.

Exile on 08 Part Deux

Putting the column up early due to the timeliness of it:

Deal with it

The question is no long whether the state can deal with a gay candidate running for high federal office. Jim Neal, who announced his run for Senate last month, spent an hour last weekend on BlueNC, answering questions about policy, politics and the Senate race. He also plainly and directly answered the question about whether he was gay. His reply went like this:

This week's column

This week's column via The Citizen;

Senate race is on
Elizabeth Dole – recently spotted hobnobbing, fundraising and campaigning in the mountains with her man – has a challenger now that Jim Neal has made it official.

Neal, a Greensboro native who now lives in Chapel Hill, had been looking at the race for a while. Since he’s worked out of state for much of his career as an investment banker and financial advisor, he’s not a household name among Dems at the local level.


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