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Spring's back BTW. Must plan weekend.
• Piedmont Farm Tour is this weekend. C'mon ya hippies.
• Top story in this week's Citizen is word of a big Obama rally in Cboro
• Speaking of rallies, here's the traffic report for today's.
• Superdelegates Watt and Price go for Obama. There's talk that so will most of the Dems in the delegation, 'cept Schuler.
• Moore and Perdue are fixin' to debate, uh, somewhere

Obama in Raleigh Thursday

Barack Obama will be at the Kerr Scott Building in Raleigh for a Town Hall meeting at 11:30 a.m.

Details on tickets via the campaign:

Thursday’s Town Hall in Raleigh is free and open to the public, but tickets are required. See details of ticket distribution locations and times below. For more information please call 919-828-0080.

Ticket Distribution Location
Obama for America Raleigh Headquarters
130 E. Morgan St. Raleigh, NC
Wednesday, April 16

The release:

Barack Obama’s North Carolina campaign today announced the details of Senator Obama’s visit to Raleigh on Thursday.

Heavy turnout and Election prep

Bob Hall at Democracy NC has some concerns that heavy turnout is going to catch some counties flat-footed. All the more reason to early vote. I'm a little worried about how this will play out in November as well.

Here's Bob's note:

Election Group Warns of Bottlenecks at Polls, Urges Officials, Public to Prepare for Large Turnout

As interest in North Carolina’s presidential primary continues to build, a watchdog group is calling on state and local officials to beef up preparations for a surge of voters on May 6 and at the One-Stop Early Voting sites which open across the state this Thursday, April 17.

Morning Post

Good morning. Nice to be back.
It's morel season in the Piedmont.

As I asked before, wonder how NC Banks are going to fare in all this mortgage mess. Well, we now know Wachovia took a hit. Via Reuters this am:

The fourth-largest U.S. bank is the latest major lender battered by the global credit crunch, which has caused loan losses and write-downs to mount.

One night in Indianapolis

There are quite a few places where you can hear the remarks by Bobby Kennedy in Indianapolis the night Martin Luther King was killed.

The speech, given from the heart on a tragic and fearful night in this country, was a ripple of hope at a time of great despair.

Here's someone's You Tube montage with the full text.

Free Tibet

At one time, North Carolina was a bastion of bipartisan support for the people of Tibet. For some, the fight was one against communism; for others, it was over the oppression of religion. But for everyone who has stood on the side of the Tibetan people, the prime motivation is a profound sense that a unique and rich culture and a philosophy that espouses compassion and a desire for a peaceful planet is steadily being erased from the face of the Earth.

Mortgage crisis and NC Banks

One thing to wonder in the unraveling of the mortgage crisis story is how this will effect North Carolina, a state which has a huge banking industry due to its unique laws allowing banks to avoid taxes by plowing profits into local government bonds.

This is an analysis left to much smarter people than me, but I'm wondering how this will play out. Any economists out there with some ideas of what we'll see?


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