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Spent a little time in the Dean Dome last night. I can hardly wait to hear what CNN says I think of it all.
• Picking up on a pattern: Newspaper runs big take out thumbsucker fretting over the dying newspaper industry then a few weeks later offers 'voluntary' early retirement packages to most of the people making decent money. Word from the newsroom is that many of the senior people got an offer.

Morning Post

Gosh golly that was quite a night in politics. Hmmm. What's next?
The answer would be us in the NC (well, there's Guam) and my home state of Indiana.
Yup, NC is in play. I know this because in my capacity as small town newspaper editor I got several phone calls from presidential campaigns yesterday. That and reports of hobbits in Person County.
So, the jets are fueled and Indigestion 2008 is headed to the Tar Heel state.

Rock show

The details of the rock show in Carrboro and Greensboro for Obama are set. Here's the release:

RALEIGH, NC – Senator Barack Obama's campaign today announced two concerts to headline the campaign's One-Stop Early Voting drive. Featuring Arcade Fire and Superchunk, the “Change Rocks” concerts in Carrboro and Greensboro will highlight the campaign's effort to encourage One-Stop Early Voting at college campuses and other locations across the state.

NC legislators endorse Obama

This from the Obama folks today.

Raleigh, NC – Today 29 members of the North Carolina state legislature endorsed Senator Obama, citing his ability to inspire and bring people together to move our country forward, and put an end to the divisive politics of Washington that have stalled progress on the great challenges facing our nation. The legislators’ endorsements are the latest addition to Obama’s grassroots movement for change, which has come to encompass a broad spectrum of North Carolinians – from the grassroots level to representatives in United States Congress – who will vote for change on May 6.

Here's the list:

Morning Post

Damn. Woke up with butterflies. Go read some Pennsylvania stuff.
Around here, things are hopping as the election stars align.
Endorsements are starting to fly fast and furious.
Look for a Legislators (and others) for Obama announcement soon.
Meanwhile Ellie Kinnaird gets an endorsement from Marc Basnight. Via Sen. Basnight this am:

To the editor:

Elon Poll highlights state, national concerns

Latest from the Elon Poll says the economy is the number one issue facing North Carolina according to NC voters. Jump to the number one issue facing the nation, though, and it's a three way tie between the economy, health care and the war.
Note also the 51 percent 'wrong track' response in a state that is doing fairly well by comparison to many. Lots of interesting info in the data. It's downloadable on the site.
Here's the release:

Elon University Poll: Economy remains top concern in primary elections


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