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Gov race

While I'm sure Perdue's people have excellent poll numbers explaining why they want to bring up vouchers, I'm a little baffled as to why they'd want to come out and attack on it so quickly. It just looks very contrived and allows McCrory a chance to emphasize the change-the-tone theme.
If the general election strategy is to attack rather than inspire, this race could tighten very, very quickly.

Bob Hall on Obama opt out

Democracy NC sent this out on Sen. Obama's opt out of public financing:

Statement from Bob Hall, Executive Director of Democracy North Carolina, regarding Barack Obama’s decision to forego participation in presidential public financing program:

Senator Obama’s decision is predictable, given the shortcomings of the presidential public financing program and his capacity to raise money from private sources. The current program lacks the carrots and sticks – the incentives and penalties – to attract and sustain participation by major party candidates.

N&O, Char-O cutting staff

Further update: N&O shedding 70 jobs, consolidating editions down to two: State and Final. Publishers' message to staff.
McClatchy cutting workforce 10 percent citing slow ad sales.
(Then, there's the matter of all that debt.)
Bloomberg says the tally will reach 1400 jobs.
Via the N&O: Serious cuts at the Char-O including 22 newsroom positions.

It was not immediately clear how the N&O will be affected by today's announcement. More details are expected after affected employees are notified.


Wonder if the Obama folks were kidding about NC possibly being in play.
Hmm, maybe this email I just got from 'em offers a clue.

CHICAGO, IL-The Obama campaign announced today that Senator Obama will launch a two-week economic swing-the "Change that Works for You" tour-on Monday, June 9. Obama will travel across the country, talking to Americans about how the economy affects their everyday lives. He'll hold events with voters where they work and where they live, discussing the challenges we face and his plans to turn the economy around.

The tour will kick off on Monday with an economic speech in Raleigh, North Carolina.

hmm. indeed.

Morning Post

Ah, good morning. A cool 68 here in the Piedmont.
Oregon and Kentucky voting away. My guess is that very soon this election will not be about blogging.
Meanwhile, in a provincial capital not far away:
• Fitz -- short session promising to be short
Geddings still having hard time getting sympathy from the justice system
• Wachovia number two, BoA number five on write-down per employee list
Binker on Hagan/Dole

Here they come

This is that time in the cycle (short session in a federal election year) when people run bills through the General Assembly for purely political purposes. Case in point: Sen. Robert Pittenger, who is running for Lt. Governor, has introduced the NC Citizen Protection Act. It includes about everything you'd think, most of which have already been ruled unconstitutional. I think a more accurate title might be the Permanent Exploited Underclass Act. It would probably criminalize most churches.
But it's a big bill and in some venue there'll be a discussion and the senator will have his campaign ad that talks about how he's protecting us from the hordes.
Stand by for more heroics.


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