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annexation hearings

Hearings this morning on municipal annexation in the General Assembly. Sounds well attended. Municipal leaders acknowledge that there have been cases of abuse, but urge that the state not make big changes. Lots of individual getting up with stories of said abuse. Several people advocating for local annexation authority as well.
This looks like a big fight a brewing.
Click Audio from Room 643.
Committee members list.

Sunday reading

Like a lot of places, there was a good bit of post-election flag hoisting in my neighborhood, including a rather large one one my wife bought for the occasion.
This morning the N&O decided to take a look at what they call a resurgence of patriotism among the left. It's a rather formulaic story — couple of quotes from people who are now flying flags, couple of out-of-state professors explaining how we feel about the country back to us and, of course, a couple of paragraphs echoing right wing talking points from the campaign.

Nine days and counting

Hello Blue. Thought I'd make a cameo for the countdown.
Plenty out there to latch on ta.
Palin keeps the wardrobe ball in the air
• TPM reader has an excellent point about Alaska and gifting
Awful campaign or just bum luck?
• A chopped up 2001 interview dominates the universe — not (go look at Drudge if ya want, I'm not linking from here)
• Beer me some poll analysis, Nate

Presidential race tightens in NC

Via TPM, via PPP:

Another poll shows a very close race in North Carolina, a state that hasn't voted Democratic since 1976 -- suggesting yet again that Barack Obama could be on the cusp of dramatically expanding the map for Dems.

The new numbers from Public Policy Polling (D): McCain 47%, Obama 44%, and Barr 3%, with a ±3.4% margin of error. Four weeks ago, it was McCain 45%, Obama 41%, and Barr 5%.

re: op-eds

Memo from a longtime N&O reader:
First, let me just say that Bill Kristol is an idiot who makes stuff up.
Second, could you add a regular columnist to the op-ed page who is not a member of the nearly all-male glee club from the NYT and WaPo? There are a number of good writers out there, some of whom happen to be actual women.

The state we're in

Via the Citizen, this week's Letter from the Editor:

I was in the Triad the other day visiting with some fellow media types including blogger Jon Lowder, who related an incident he’d happened upon while returning from a recent visit to Pittsboro.

Lowder encountered a traffic stop on N.C. 87 just inside the Alamance County line. After watching the sheriff deputies and highway patrol checking licenses and looking over the cars, Lowder said it was apparent that the law was interested in vehicles with Hispanic occupants and not much interested in anyone else.


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