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Calling all Rutherford County Blue NCers:

If any of you are in or near Rutherford County and are interested in watching my back for me tomorrow, Sat. November 5th, I'd be grateful. :) I will be in Rutherfordton with Progress NC's Pink Slip Truth Tour outside of the County Annex at 289 N. Main Street and could use someone to act as videographer prior to the Thom Tillis Town hall meeting at 3:30 PM. We have our permits in place, but sometimes we encounter local resistance anyway and a video camera helps everyone act more civilized... my sister may be going up with me, but if she can't make it, it would be great to have back-up. Check out more about the tour here: http://www.progressnc.org/on-the-road-with-the-pink-slip-truth-tour.html

Your turn to turn the tables on the Tea Party:

If you've grown weary of the Tea Party's constant harassment of the immigrant community in our state, now's your chance to give it right back to them. Wake School Board candidate and Tea Party favorite Heather Losurdo has been caught fudging her resume and now she's stonewalling answering questions about it. Join us in demanding that she show us her papers!


Shout out to Forsythe County Dems

I attended my first Thom Tillis town hall and am still recovering. I feel as if I have just discovered that aliens walk among us, aliens with very big sprayed helmets of bubble hair, polyester instead of skin and very angry red faces. Please see a somewhat censored description of my experience at http://www.progressnc.org/2011/10/its-time-to-stand-up-and-demand-some-answers.html and, I beg of you, attend any Tillis town hall meetings that come to your area then stand up and make him answer to you. Enough of a free ride for this man! Taxpayers should not be forced to bankroll a feel-good, pre-election, re-election tour which ignores them.

If you live near Charlotte, Kannopolis or Concord....

... I need your help locating teachers or teaching assistants in your area who were laid off because of the 2011 state budget cuts. There's an event Tuesday night Progress NC is attending and we'd love to find a few laid-off teachers for the media portion of it. If you know of anyone or have any suggestions on who to ask, please contact me at katymunger@progressnc.org and many thanks!


AFP counter-protesting in Raleigh TODAY. Help make sure our voices are heard!

Dear Blue NCers. We got word this morning that Americans For Prosperity are planning a counter-protest at the same time and place as our voting rights / redistricting rally at the General Assembly today (July 13) at 11 AM.

We will be protesting the numerous attacks on voting rights mounted by the GOP this year and the blatant partisan plundering of the redistricting process while AFP, in addition to parading about in polyester and griping about immigrants and the poor quality of barbecue in Raleigh, will be urging legislators to override all of Governor Perdue's recent vetoes.

We would really love it if those of you in the Raleigh area could help us show AFP what "of, by and for the people" really means... maybe by fielding a lot more people, with a lot more diversity, than their crowd? Protest signs and strong voices welcome! More after the jump.

Respect & Protect The Vote Rally: July 13th

On July 13th, the General Assembly is coming back to Raleigh – and so are we!

Republican leaders want to (1) pass new restrictions on voting in North Carolina, (2) adopt redistricting maps that misuse the Voting Rights Act to carve out more strongholds for conservatives, and (3) override Governor Perdue's vetoes, including the one against the voter photo ID bill.

Please join Democracy North Carolina and the Respect Our Vote coalition on July 13th to make it plain that we won’t tolerate partisan attacks on our right to vote or be represented. GOP leaders have reneged on their promise to bring more openness to government and more jobs to our state's struggling communities. Instead, they’ve passed laws for their campaign donors and their own partisan gain.

Learn more about the rally and RSVP here: http://bit.ly/iAGgZ9

Urgent: tell Perdue to VETO the Voter Photo ID Bill

We need you to take immediate action to protect voting rights in NC!

A bill to require voters to show government-issued photo ID every time they vote (HB-351) has passed both houses in the NC General Assembly and is headed for Governor Perdue's desk. We need you to contact Governer Perdue and tell her to VETO this bill. It is the centerpiece of an attack on voting rights in our state. If we can stop this bill, we can build momentum for resisting other anti-voting initiatives by this General Assembly. Please take action now.


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