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Tillis Town Hall in Pittsboro Tonight at 5 PM: 12/12 -- Join Us!

Progress NC and a number of anti-fracking activists will be at the Thom Tillis Town Hall in Pittsboro tonight, Monday December 12th, starting at 5 PM, Central Carolina Community College. Progress NC will be there with its Pink Slips Truth Tour display and to support the anti-fracking crowd.

Tillis keeps his town hall schedule very close to his chest, releasing it only to his followers. We want to see ALL the people of NC at these town halls, asking tough questions and challenging him on his many misrepresentations of what's going on in Raleigh. If you can join us tonight in Pittsboro, please do. There is also a town hall in High Point on Wednesday. Will post details later today.


Republicans wanting to lower taxes for the rich stall deficit talks

Maybe it's just me, but this seems the absolute height of insanity: NPR reported this morning that the Super Committee talks to come up with budget deficit solutions have come up with zilch because conservative lawmakers are insisting Democrats agree to tax code changes that would lower taxes on millionaires even more as part of any compromise. Given the Occupy movement and the growing discontent of Americans over this exact situation, I am speechless that they would be so stupid as to take a stand on this. Read more here:


And the #1 spot in our Hall of Shame goes to....

A great bunch of guys, although they could use some spine....


Staying married has its dangers. Off the top of our heads -- and this is purely at random, mind you, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the inability of lawmakers to address NC's real problems -- all of these things can threaten a marriage: the loss of a job and resulting money troubles, a chronic medical condition and no health insurance, destitute in-laws whose Medicaid benefits have been cut, children who are miserable because their schools lack the resources to address their learning needs, and restrictive abortion laws that shame and punish women for making the gut-wrenching decision to terminate a pregnancy, even when their lives are in danger.

#3 in the Progress NC Hall of Shame

The coveted #3 spot in our new Hall of Shame goes to... NC House Representative Justin Burr, with at least a tour of the Hall given to NC State Board of Elections Chair Gary Bartlett, for the reasons outlined here: http://www.progressnc.org/2011/11/-nc-house-representative-justin.html

(Progress NC tips its hat to Blue NCer Greg Flynn, citizen journalist, for uncovering this whole episode. Well done, sir!)

What tonight's victory in Wake means:

Am sitting here deeply relieved (and getting ready to have a celebratory drink) but I feel the need to connect with my comrades-in-arms here on Blue NC: in Wake County tonight, a moderate candidate just beat the GOP-anointed Tea Party candidate for school board by around 4% in a district pretty much evenly split along partisan lines. This despite the GOP throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars, mailer after mailer with the worst kind of rhetoric, having Pat McCrory and the local sheriff make calls on the Tea Party candidate's behalf and relentless calling of their base and Unaffiliateds. They threw everything they had at this race -- and they lost. They lost because the other side canvassed and knocked on doors and matched them message for message and never let up the pressure.


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