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Protest in Lewisville This Wednesday Evening: Join Us!

Trying to privatize and limit eligibility for Pre-K... denying there is poverty in NC... kicking peaceful protesters out of public areas in the General Assembly because they disagree with GOP policies.... failing to disclose conflicts of interests on campaign finance reports... surprise 1 AM votes to target teachers simply for political payback... wasting time on far right social agenda bills instead of tackling North Carolina's real problems... there are plenty of reasons why you should join us at a rally in Lewisville this Wednesday evening and let NC House Speaker Thom Tillis know that, under his watch, NC's government has spun out-of-control!

Join Progress North Carolina at a rally in Lewisville on Wednesday, March 7th at 4:30 PM to bring attention to the GOP's continuing assault on public education and the democratic process. Details on when and where inside...

Outreach ideas in Jacksonville and Onslow County? Help!

Good morning all! I am cranking up some serious outreach in the areas around Jacksonville, NC for a rally later this weekend and would VERY much welcome ideas on who I should reach out to. I'd welcome suggestions of specific people in the Dem and Progressive movements, any veterans or military organizations unhappy with current state policies, nearby county groups to contact, etc. I'm making a list but I think on-the-ground intelligence is the best guide.

Please post any thoughts below or email me at katymungerr@progressnc.org.

Come rally with me late Friday afternoon and tell Tillis what you think

Good people of Blue NC, especially those of you near Asheboro or within a sane drive to Asheboro (I am talking about you Greensboro!) -- why not leave work early this Friday and join me and a bunch of other people unhappy with Thom Tillis and all he represents at a rally? We'll be gathering in Asheboro at 4 PM on Friday to protest the unconstitutional post-midnight legislative session called by GOP lawmakers last month as well as their ever more lousy public policies. It will be held right before House Speaker Thom Tillis’s town hall (see details after the jump). A couple hours protesting and you can be on your way to a good weekend suffused with a sense of accomplishment -- plus we could meet in person and... there's nothing like a good protest rally to get the blood going!

Take action: survey, thank you petition and rally RSVP

Who should be the next Governor of North Carolina? Take this quick survey or read the full post.

Thank Governor Perdue for her willingness to stand up to the far right over the past year. Sign the petition here or read the full post.

Join us at a protest rally near Charlotte this coming Monday night. Details here or read the full post.

Belmont Rally: Monday Jan. 30 to protest midnight GA session

Come to Gaston County Community College's Belmont Campus at 4pm on Monday, Jan. 30th, for NC House Speaker Thom Tillis' first Town Hall Meeting since he hijacked democracy with his Midnight Madness and Overnight Veto Overrides. Speak out. Demand answers. Help get our state back on track.

On January 5, 2012, out-of-control lawmakers in Raleigh-- led by NC House Speaker Thom Tillis -- staged a post-midnight last minute secret session of the General Assembly in order to override a veto by Governor Perdue and punish teachers who had spoken out against the GOP's deep cuts to public education.Now Speaker Thom Tillis is holding his first Town Hall meeting since that infamous event.

Petition: thank Governor Perdue for her service

Progress NC has created a petition to thank Governor Perdue for her service to North Carolina, especially her willingness to stand up to the far right over the past year. We've already heard from people all across North Carolina and we'd love for you to add your name and a quick note to the list as well. You can sign the petition here. If you think she was way too moderate and no better than a rightwing dog, then I invite you to take a look at why I think Governor Perdue deserves your thanks regardless: please see my recent Progress NC blog post, Barbarians At the Gate.

Survey: Who should be NC's next governor?

Yesterday, Governor Bev Perdue surprised a lot of people with her announcement that she would not seek re-election. By this morning, plenty of people had thrown their hat into the ring to be her successor. The election season is young but we here at Progress North Carolina think it's never too early to know what the people of North Carolina think. Take our quick survey and tell us who you think should occupy the Governor's Mansion come 2013. We've given you plenty of choices to choose from. They hail from all across the political spectrum, so go ahead and indulge -- this is your chance to vote outside the box! We'll announce the results next week. Take the survey now.

New website to fight the far right in NC debuts

Progress NC has joined with a number of other progressive groups to present a united front against the far right leadership in Raleigh that called for the January 5th post-midnight secret legislative session. We have created a website to explain what is happening in Raleigh, the events leading up to January 5th and the implications of the far right agenda for North Carolinians and their daily lives. Please visit the site and help us spread the word, especially to people who are not yet paying attention: www.outofcontrolnc.com. Thank you!

NEW POLLS: Cumberland County districts are very competitive

According to new polls conducted by Public Policy Polling for Progress North Carolina, two Cumberland County legislative seats could be very competitive this fall. (These polls are part of a series of surveys designed to answer the question: “Can progressives retake the NC General Assembly?”)

In Senate District 19, incumbent Republican Sen. Wesley Meredith trails potential Democratic challenger and NC House Rep. Diane Parfitt, 37%-40%. Download the complete results for Senate District 19.

In House District 45, a potential matchup between former Republican county commissioner Diane Wheatley and Democratic school board member Kim Fisher is also close. Wheatley leads Fisher, 38%-36%. Download the complete results for House District 45.

Question Art Pope live today at 3:00 pm

North Carolina mega-donor and rightwing cash machine Art Pope will be facing off against Chris Kromm of The Institute for Southern Studies (and publisher of www.artpopeexposed.com) this Sunday, January 15, at 3:00 PM for a 2-hour radio special on 106.1 FM, Raleigh. The show is hosted by Phyllis Coley and Gary Jones of Spectacular Magazine. You can call in questions to the show at 919-860-1061!


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