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To all of you who fought so hard against Amendment One:

To all of you who worked so hard to fight against Amendment One: I want to thank you for showing the world that North Carolina is more than just a backward southern state. I want to thank you for standing up for the rights of others. I want to thank you for giving my 14-year old daughter and her friends something to care about, something that has made them all think about the world they will soon inherit. And I want to thank you for accomplishing something I never thought I would see in my lifetime: you awoke hundreds of thousands of people and created a coalition that crosses geographic, ideological and racial boundaries. Though you lost this battle, by uniting North Carolina against prejudice and fear, you have made it possible for us to win the war. If we stay united, I am convinced we can stop the conservative far right in our state and move North Carolina forward again.

I know that many of you poured your heart and soul into the fight. And I know that, for many of you, it was a very personal issue. I fear that you may feel abandoned and disenfranchised by the outcome. I apologize to you all for the misguided actions of my fellow North Carolinians and I ask that instead of wasting energy hating them for their ignorance and their fear, that you pour that energy into making sure that this awful amendment is their final stand. Here are just a few of the things you can do with your anger and your time. I hope you will add your ideas to the list:

Is Tillis telling the truth about Thomas?

Re the resignation of Charles Thomas, chief of staff to House Speaker Thom Tillis, because he was having an affair with a lobbyist for the North Carolina Home Builders Association: Tillis shared an apartment with the guy. Is it really credible to believe Tillis's assertion that he did not know his roommate was having an affair with a lobbyist whose organization was pushing or opposing numerous bills in the NC House? Background at:

Women's rights rally this Saturday in Raleigh

On Saturday, April 28th, North Carolina will join a host of other states in holding a rally for women's rights. The rally is being sponsored by numerous organizations from across the state, including groups representing women's healthcare rights, voting rights, leadership in government, pay equity and more. All are welcome. It's supposed to be a beautiful day and I hope a lot of BlueNC-ers will join us. Details below.

Watch Rep. Jim Crawford get confronted on Amendment One:

If you're into political drama, check out this video of Rep. Jim Crawford (D-Person, Granville) being confronted by a constituent over his co-sponsorship of the Amendment One bill. The constituent, Elaine McNeill, is absolutely awesome (watch her starting around 2:15 for an amazingly moving personal testament). Meanwhile, Crawford flips-flops on the Amendment when confronted with the reality of his decision to support it in the NC House. More after the jump ...

Going after the last of the Gang of Five

As most of you know, last year there were five Democratic members of the NC House who voted with the GOP on its ideology-driven state budget, hurting public education, health care services, the senior safety net, environmental protections and other important programs. Many of these Dems -- dubbed the Gang of Five -- also voted with the GOP on other far right bills during last year's session. Since then, three of these Dems have announced they will not seek re-election and the remaining two now face Democratic opponents in the upcoming primary on May 8th. Progress North Carolina Action is taking a stand against both of them: Jim Crawford (Granville and Person Counties) and William Brisson (Bladen, Sampson, Johnston Counties). If you'd like to know more or help us, details are after the jump.

Latest AFP/Civitas tour to be fueled by Tea Party hot air

In perhaps the most audacious attempt yet to turn a pile of happy horseshit into gold, Americans For Prosperity and the Civitas Institute are sponsoring a "Real Solutions" tour next week in an attempt to convince people that their deep budget cuts to education are *good* for North Carolina. Help us nip this insanity in the bud: please take a look at the tour stops in the article below and if you would like to get more involved in setting the record straight when they come near you, drop me a line: katymunger @ progressnc.org. We need to talk ... thank you!

(more after the jump)

N.C. Real Solutions Coming To a Town Near You

Slow down fracking rally tomorrow in Chapel Hill -- join us!

Light 'Em Up and Slow 'Em Down Rally! Help us throw cold water on support for fracking in NC! Join Progress NC and our Sierra Club and NC Conservation Network allies on Tuesday, March 27th starting about 5:00 PM for a rally before a Chapel Hill town hall on fracking.

Fracking Rally & Town Hall
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
East Chapel Hill High School
500 Weaver Dairy Rd. Chapel Hill, NC

More background after the jump on why NC has nothing to lose if we SLOW DOWN:

10 factual reasons to vote Against Amendment One

After the jump, I've listed 10 concise factual reasons why people should vote AGAINST Amendment One, as well as provided a graphic summary image you are welcome to download and share. These reasons are confined to facts only, so that they can also be shared with people who may be opposed to gay marriage but need to know about the other implications of the bill.

Time sensitive: Stop the repeal of the estate tax!


We have just learned that the Revenue Laws Study Committee of the NCGA will likely consider whether or not to repeal North Carolina's estate tax at their meeting at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, March 7th (tomorrow!). Repeal of this tax would rob the state of $80 million in revenues ANNUALLY while benefiting ONLY those people inheriting estates worth $3.5 million in the case of individuals or $7 million for an estate left by a couple.

In other words, repeal of this tax would benefit less than half of North Carolina's 1% while slashing tens of millions of dollars badly needed in our state budget for many public services, including healthcare and our public school system -- already reeling under the burden of devastating budget cuts this year.


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