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Is Walker's Wisconsin really what we want for NC?

Last week, with much fanfare, the NC GOP announced that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was coming to our state to campaign for Pat McCrory. McCrory was extremely enthusiastic about the endorsement, saying “That’s the kind of leadership North Carolina needs.”

But is it the kind of leadership we need? A look at Scott Walker’s legacy in Wisconsin shows he managed to cripple virtually all the strengths that have made North Carolina great while rejecting the values that have allowed our state to prosper. If McCrory pursues the same vision for North Carolina, this is what you can expect: see an infographic you can share after the jump, along with a link to more information and sources.

Bless his heart… he’s dead wrong.

"Talk about having your cake and wanting to eat it, too. McCrory wants to be able to attack someone else based on their financial information while still insisting that his own is not relevant."

North Carolina is known for its politeness. It’s part of our Southern charm. People are loathe to insult others to their faces or bring up uncomfortable topics in public. Even our state’s famed “bless her heart…” stealth attack is reserved for talking behind someone’s back. It’s a custom that helps us in social situations. But it doesn’t work so well when we’re choosing our leaders.

Unless you’re Pat McCrory.

Join us as we protest Outsource Mitt this Sunday In three NC towns:

Mitt Romney claims to be a job creator and good steward of our economy - but he's been outsourcing jobs to China and offshoring his money to Switzerland. Join Progress NC Action, Move-on, the AFL-CIO and many other organizations as we greet Mitt’s campaign bus in Mooresville, High Point and Morrisville this coming Sunday with a sea of protestors waving Swiss and Chinese flags and holding signs that make it plain Outsource Mitt is not for NC! We have the permits, signs and flags... you just have to show up. Details on each event after the jump.

Larry Pittman is a big, fat hypocrite.

GOP NC House Rep. Larry Pittman is a big fat hypocrite. He says he opposes abortion -- yet he is trying to destroy the one organization that prevents more abortions than any other organization in North Carolina.

Last week, it was revealed that several months ago, in the midst of a funding debate, Rep. Pittman called Planned Parenthood "... a murderous organization... getting wealthy on murder for hire... Never will I agree to give that bloody, indecent, immoral organization one penny. I will not be satisfied until it is outlawed." Learn why he's a big, fat hypocrite for saying this after the jump.

Stand up for our men and women in blue tonight in Raleigh.

If you live or work in the Triangle area, Progress North Carolina is urging you to show up at the Raleigh City Council Meeting on Tuesday, August 7 to speak out against an attempt by the Raleigh Police Chief and an outside consultant to implement a new performance evaluation system that imposes quotas on police officers. People rallying against the plan will be gathering in front of the Municipal Building at 222 W. Hargett St. in Raleigh on Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM. They will enter the meeting as a group at 7:00. Once in the meeting, you can sign on to speak or simply show your support through your presence. Learn why we are taking this stance after the jump.

Guess McCrory's income and win a prize!

As most of you are aware, NC voters do not know who is paying gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory, nor how much he is being paid. We do know he has income streams from his lobbying firm and his brother's consulting company. He is also receiving salaries and stock options from sitting on various corporate boards. However, what special interests may be paying him -- and how much -- remains unknown, casting doubt on his ability to represent the people's interests as Governor of North Carolina. That's why Progress NC Action is calling on him to release his tax returns and client list. Help us turn up the pressure by filling out our new survey on McCrory's income and you might win a prize....

GOP leaders choose fat cats over our state's children.

fat cat corporate.jpgIt's one of the most revealing chapters from this year's General Assembly session, one that perfectly illustrates the far right's misguided priorities for our state. Senate Republicans used a procedural gimmick during the state budget debate in order to dodge a vote on closing a tax loophole for NC's wealthiest residents. This $3,500 tax break was originally sold to the public as a "small business tax cut." But the tax loophole Republicans maneuvered to keep in place applies to ALL businesses that are not corporations. Millionaires qualify. Wealthy corporate lawyers qualify. Many members of the NC House and Senate qualify. Any business -- no matter how large -- qualifies if it is not a corporation. So what's the cost to North Carolina of this tax cut for millionaires? It will cost our state $336 million in 2013 alone.

Moral tap dancing to an immoral tune:

We've seen some low points in North Carolina General Assembly moral leadership since it fell under the control of the far right faction of the GOP, but we truly hit a new low last week when 67 Republican and five Democratic members of the NC House went on record as saying it is okay for the color of a person's skin to determine whether they live or die.

Early listen to today's Pots & Spoons protest:

Here's a quick video to give you guys a look at what you missed today if you did not show at the NCGA for the AFL-CIO sponsored Pots & Spoons Rally. Turn your speakers up to 11 for the full effect. Americans For Prosperity tried to respond by handing out ear plugs, which only perfectly symbolized the failure of their elected leaders to listen to anyone but their own base and helped publicize our cause, so that kind of backfired on them.... I suspect a better video will be forthcoming soon from Jeremy at AFL-CIO NC.

Grab your pot and let's make some noise!

Since so many of our lawmakers in Raleigh have made it plain they aren't listening to the people of North Carolina, it's time to get their attention another way. Please join the AFL-CIO, Progress NC and other allies at the General Assembly on May 16 -- the opening day of this year's legislative session -- for a rally that lawmakers can't ignore. Bring your own pot and utensil of choice and be prepared to make some noise. Details after the jump...


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