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The Wars in Wake and Iraq

Two seemingly unconnected events converged this week to make me think long and hard about what it will take for people to pay attention and vote in off-years when we don't have the motivating factors of major candidate personalities or a dislike of the status quo to drive voters to the polls?

If you want change, you have to change Congress

Apologies if this has been posted; did a search and did not find it. From the Feb 22, 2010 edition of The Nation -- I believe it sums up the feelings of many progressive voters very well:

How to Get Our Democracy Back

If You Want Change, You Have to Change Congress
By Lawrence Lessig

We should remember what it felt like one year ago, as the ability to recall it emotionally will pass and it is an emotional memory as much as anything else. It was a moment rare in a democracy's history. The feeling was palpable--to supporters and opponents alike--that something important had happened. America had elected, the young candidate promised, a transformational president. And wrapped in a campaign that had produced the biggest influx of new voters and small-dollar contributions in a generation, the claim seemed credible, almost intoxicating, and just in time.

New Info re Mike Easley

Dear Blue NCers,

Our research uncovered some troubling new information regarding travel contributions to the Mike Easley Committee and the NC Democratic Party. You will likely find mention of it in the N&O and other papers today or over the weekend. Because I know the details will concern many of you, I am posting the email notice we sent out to our advocates this morning about the matter -- it includes a link that will allow you to download a letter Democracy North Carolina sent to the state Board of Elections detailing the new information:

Support Public Campaign Financing in Chapel Hill:

If you live in Chapel Hill – we’d really appreciate your support for the town’s new public campaign financing pilot program at a hearing on Wed. May 14th! If the program is implemented and succeeds, it could really open up access to public office for progressive candidates while limiting the influence of special interest money on local policy.


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