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Education cuts: Our line in the sand

Throughout the history of this country, popular movements have always been fueled by anger at a government that is trying to restrict our rights and strip our pockets. The Republican education agenda does exactly those two things: it restricts North Carolinians' rights to a sound basic education and cut into the pocketbooks of almost everyone who interacts with our educational system.

To me, that's just not ok.

Will Hagan lead on immigration reform?

When Sen. Kay Hagan voted against the DREAM Act in December, she joined with only a handful of other Democrats in handing President Barack Obama his sole setback of a very productive lame-duck session. To educators like myself, Hagan's opposition to the act is indefensible. However, she can redeem herself and regain our support by following through on her own rhetoric.

Hagan said that she would not support the DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill, and that she would prefer a comprehensive overhaul of the immigration system. Now, she should become one of the leading Democratic voices for immigration reform and ensure that a comprehensive bill includes DREAM Act-like provisions.

Family Friendly Fundraiser for Elaine Marshall

I first met Elaine Marshall while we were both at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. We are both still fully committed to bringing about the hope and change that swept the nation during that amazing year. If you're also still interested in seeing our America's highest democratic ideals come to fruition, then I ask you to support Elaine Marshall for U.S. Senate.

It’s time to shine a light on the plight of Latino students

Will new attention to educational civil rights result in the bright light of justice helping Latino immigrants come out of the shadows?

Recent controversies in both Wake County and Wayne County have brought North Carolina to the forefront of public discussion on educational civil rights. Unfortunately, these conversations have largely adhered to 20th Century civil rights norms by remaining in a black-white paradigm. Efforts to resolve North Carolina's civil rights challenges must include a perspective on what's happening to Latino students.

Action Alert: Support Community College Access for ALL North Carolinians




In September, the State Board of Community Colleges agreed to allow undocumented students into NC Community Colleges with certain conditions after nearly two years of intense debate. However, this will not take effect until this policy proposal goes through a “Permanent Rule-Making Process,” which could take 6-12 months. This process begins with a Public Hearing, an opportunity for community members to express their opinions on the issue.  This is an essential step in ensuring that the State Board of Community Colleges continues to do the right thing by allowing all students to enroll in any NC community college. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

OFA: Organizing for the Agenda

If you're like me, you're wondering what we can do to support the President we elected. And it feels very strange to think that advocacy and activism might result in real change rather than just preventing bad things from happening. I’ve been watching the developing relationship between the White House, the DNC, Organizing for America, and local organizing activities. All of that inspired me to think about what role BlueNC should play during an Obama presidency.

This Is Who's In Charge of NC's Public Education

Bev Perdue must have been reading my post from Sunday. She wants us all to know that "The buck stops with me." That is, even with North Carolina's convoluted educational hierarchy, the governor is the one responsible for successfully educating our children.

What about our Constitutionally mandated and elected Superintendent of Public Instruction? Well, Perdue says "I don't believe an elected statewide official is a figurehead and I resent that on behalf of June Atkinson and the voters of North Carolina." That's not what she her actions indicated. Today she suggested creating a new position of Chief Executive Officer for the Department of Public Instruction. When there's a CEO, what's the Superintendent supposed to do? Perdue has asked her to lead a special commission on career development and workforce issues.

Sure sounds like something you ask a figurehead to do...


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