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E-voting in Mississippi

So I just voted in my first election in Mississippi's Oktibbeha County.

I asked for a paper ballot, since I knew Mississippi just changed (this year) to all e-voting precincts in the state. Each county can set their own rules, but the Sec. of State's website does not say anything about you having to vote electronically.

Now I did my research, and it looks like I'm very wrong.

I talked to the Circuit Clerk of Oktibbeha. She said if you are present on Election Day you have to e-vote. You do not have a right to a paper ballot.

Triangle Residents: Do not feed the I-540 Tolls

Hey everyone in the RDU area, a transportation heads up for ya. Brought to you by WRAL news.

The three roadways -- the Triangle Parkway, the Western Wake Parkway and part of Interstate 540 from N.C. Highway 54 to N.C. 55 -- would all connect. Triangle Parkway extends N.C. Highway 147 3.5 miles from Interstate 40 in Durham County to Interstate 540 in Wake County. The Western Wake Parkway extends from I-540 from N.C. Highway 55 south of Morrisville to N.C. 55 south of Apex.

The plan set forth by the North Carolina Turnpike Authority is to toll the three roads all at the same time. Turnpike officials said the benefit to having toll roads is that it gets the roads built two to three times faster.

So whadda think? Make the commuters pay for a faster route? Or is it just scamming those that need faster transit now into paying more for it? Isn't I-540 the great bridge to connect the City of Raleigh? Or now is it a income "gap"?

Burr votes to continue to delay Minimum Wage Raise

Just a quick heads up for us all thanks to Think Progress.org

Our illustrious Junior Senator Richard Burr was one of ten Senators voting to "delay" the Minimum Wage Bill in the Senate.

While we don't know his reasons to do so, they make be genuine (wanted more time for Senate or internal debate or more information on such a increase), we should take note that this issue will come to a head in a week's time.

So while we probably know how he and Dole will vote come casting time, we should make our best efforts to make our voices heard. A increase in minimum wage is the least we as a society can do to help level the playing field for so many American families.

Anyone have a link or clip of Vernon's "Evil" Commerical?

True story.

I just got to work and was restocking the kitchen for the workday. So I put on a lil SportsCenter and start my job. About 5 to 7 minutes in, a Vernon Robinson commerical comes on ESPN, and I noticed I haven't seen this one yet. So I watch it.

The commerical was about how he served in the Air Force, and so did his father as a Tuskgee. Okay cool. Fine ad, tell the voters who you are.

More below...

UPDATED: Konvoy 4 Kissell on November 4th!!

Thats right NC's-8th, we've got a Konvoy with your name on it.

And I want anyone from the Triangle on BlueNC to be there.

You might have remembered my previous post, Triangle Dems for Kissell, which actually did not go off due to scheduling conflicts.
However we are giving it another go this weekend, THE WEEKEND, for 2006 elections!

Here are the details:
-As many people sign up and I will coordinate drivers and riders. Currently we have a bunch brave souls.

-We will be meeting at the Main gate at the RBC Center in Raleigh on November 4th at 8am. Leaving around 8:15am.

-It is only an hour drive to Fayetteville, which means very little gas guzzling, in little traffic. We will meet up and recieve marching orders at Kissell HQ in Fayetteville.

Triangle Dems For Larry Kissell October 28th in Fayetteville

Hey everyone! Guess we are down to the barbwire for the mid-terms are we not?

I bet everyone's looking for that extra way to help out our favorite local progressive candidates, outside of giving money and blogging support ;).

Well for those in the Triangle (& around), I have that gusto event youve been looking for. Join myself and many others when we carpool to Fayetteville, home of "the" electoral battle of the summer, on Saturday Oct. 28th to lend our unified support for Larry Kissell!!

John & Elizabeth Edwards on Oprah Today @ 4pm.

I totally forgot to mention this earlier to anyone on BlueNC, but both John and Elizabeth Edwards will be on Oprah today at 4 o'clock. They're there to talk about her book, her battle with cancer, and this loss of their son. Not to mention how much they rock.

So if you are at home turn it on. If not be like the rest of the working world and catch it on YouTube later ;).

:End Public Service Annoucement:

Shameful Six States

I was cruising around the other progressive blogs and sites today, and ThinkProgress.org has a interesting link to a article by Salon.com. It addresses the attempts by certain groups in our society to inhibit voting. Voter Surpression is not new to the United States. However what is new is that after all these years as a functioning republic, it is still allowed to stand.

North Carolina is not on the list. It is compromised of Arizona, Missouri, Indiana, California, Ohio, and of course Florida.

In response to this threat to democracy, our beloved DNC Chair Howard Dean hits the nail on the head in reference to these Conservatives without a conscience:

For Republicans, nothing is more important than their partisan interests, not even the American people's most cherished right to vote and have that vote counted.

World Can't Wait - Nut Jobs or Legitimate Protestors?

While surfing the anti-Blue blogs, I came across World Can't Wait's website, in which they call for a massive protest on Oct. 5th.

They basically stand for doing something now about Bush and Company, before the 2008 election, and that Democrats will not save the country.

You can read the ad they took out in the New York Times yesterday here. (pdf)

So my question is this. Is this a legitimate avenue to express dissent against our current government? Or is it just of anarchist idiots trying to take advantage of democracy?


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