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More lies from Republican lawmakers: Education cuts

Received a reply from G.L. Pridgen, Representative (GOP) from portions of Robeson County.

In the final analysis, it all comes down to the fact that these are tough times. Because education is approximately 60% of the state budget there is no choice but to make “some” cuts along with other departments/agencies. We fully funded full-time teachers and teacher assistants and if you review the budget online you will see that a lower percentage of cuts are made to the Department of Education than other departments/agencies.

Robin Hayes supports "McCain Bush" plan in Iraq

In todays Fayetteville Observer in a question and answer column with Bob Etheridge and Robin Hayes, Hayes says he has exercised oversight in this mess me call Iraq. Hayes completely endorsed the new "Bush-McCain" plan. I use the term plan loosely. Thanks Robin you have just given us another reason to replace you in congress. Last week in the Fayetteville Observer Hayes complained that a lot of construction projects at Fort Bragg were being held up in Congress. These projects were held up by the last Republican Congress not the new Dem. congress that has only been in power 11 hours. Hayes' new approach seems to try and blame his failures on others.

Hayes lame excuses

Today in the Fayetteville Observer Robin Hayes claims to have flip flopped on Caft in exchange for concession on Chinese Textile imports.Lets look at the deal according to the Washington Post Nov. 5, 2005.
"The deal would begin on Jan. 1 and last through 2008 -- a concession by China, which wanted it to expire in 2007. It would allow imports of most major textile and apparel products from China to increase by 8 to 10 percent in 2006, by 13 percent in 2007 and by 17 percent in 2008 -- a concession by the United States, which had proposed keeping annual growth close to 7.5 percent."
Doesn't everyone like of deal like this in your business. Please Robin Hayes don't make any more deals. Oh I forgot the increase in imports from Vietnam. Lets send Robin Hayes home. GOTV

Lost another neighbor

Army 1st Lt. Joshua Deese of Robeson County killed in action. A 21 year old graduate of UNP. I am mad getting madder. We need a end to this Bush-Hayes war, if you can call this a war. How many more of our young friends have to die to satisfy the egos of George Bush and Company. Everyone gotv and show how mad we are at Hayes-Bush stay to course to the end. What is the end? What is victory? It is now time to stop. "If you don't like what is going on in Washington, change who you are sending to Washington" (unkown quote). GOTV

CAFTA Strikes Again

The Fayetteville Observer reports today that Hanesbrands, Inc. will close several plants including 260 Jobs in the Outer Banks Plant in Lumberton. This closing is on top of the annoucement of the closing of the Fun_Tees Plant with 120 jobs lost.
I understand Robin Hayes now states that CAFTA is a good thing. Flip-flop is not a term that truly shows the damage done by Hayes vote on CAFTA. I would like for Hayes to come to Lumberton and help pass out the last of the checks and the pink slips to these workers and explain to them how his vote has helped them out. If I sound a little mad about these job loses, I AM.

Robin Hayes as Judas

When I saw the reference to Judas in the post I could not help but think of Proverbs 6:16-19
"16: These six thing doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him;
17: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood.
18; An heart that deviseth wicked imagination, feet that be swift in runing to mischief,
19: A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord brethren"

Is the end of my Sunday School lesson. Let the hit dog yep the loudest.


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