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Thank you BlueNC!

You did it. We have a BlueNC!

I’ve been amazed at the commitment of the BlueNC community -- not just in writing and reporting about how we can change this state and our country, but in the actions you took in this election. From the doors you knocked on, to the phonebanks and carpools you headed, your action helped lead us to victory in North Carolina.

Your clicks of the mouse led to three clicks of those Ruby Red Slippers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone in the BlueNC community. I especially want to thank Betsy Muse, a wonderful person, mother and superstar volunteer for Democrats across the state. I am so glad we finally had the chance to meet a week and a half ago.

Thank You

I wanted to take this moment to thank everyone in the online community for your hard work, dedication, and support. With 29 days to go, I am working as hard as I can to win this race, and I know you are, too.

It is not just the fundraising -- although I do have to say, when I heard you raised $183,592.47 online in 144 hours for our campaign, I was thrilled. More important, though, I am impressed with how you are taking your energy online and turning it into action in our offices, on the phones and at the doors.

I have been traveling to our field offices across the state thanking our staff and volunteers for all their hard work. These are some of the events I look forward to the most.

There is nothing better than the sight of a group of volunteers armed with clipboards ready to go door- to-door for a cause they believe in. And who would have thought the sound of dozens of competing voices on the phones in a cramped office would sound so good?

As I visit each of our offices, I am keeping an eye on the progress of the Yellow Brick Road. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I am talking about -- more on this below.

It started months ago when, in a speech, I told the audience I wanted to give Liddy Dole a pair of Ruby Red Slippers so she could click her heels three times and go home to Kansas with Bob!

They loved it.

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