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No refinancing for eastern NC electric customers
ElectriCities will not refinance power plant debt
July 7, 2009

The way ElectriCities went about working the debt ratio and the options they used to project refinancing of the debt was a no win situation. The only way to ever get out from under this debt is to approach our Congressional leaders and get a very low interest loan from Washington.

From AIG to GM, ERON to WorldCom, the Government has handed out cash for the asking. We don’t propose a bailout or a handout. We are simply asking for all parties to seriously look at the the feasibility of flexible Government intervention in an effort to support the citizens of eastern North Carolina.

So far, the only Congressman that will even listen to us is G. K Butterfield. He hasn’t acted on anything, and was supportive of the Cap & Trade Bill. But, at least he’ll pick up the phone and listen to our concerns.

Continuing tale of blatant disregard for the public that pays the bills

Well, there is a new group on the scene with members from the old groups and the new group. WWW.LIGHTBILL.WORDPRESS.COM
But we have not advanced very far in this theatre of corruption called ElectriCities.

A new CEO is in place and he is paid more than the old one and research shows there are some reasons we should be concerned.

A few bad apples are gone - Tilton, Norris and others. Relief from folks that Ken Raber was not moved up the proverbial totem pole at this place. But, have spending habits changed? no. Has transparency improved or been initiated? no.

Folks - if you want change, you better elect new city council members. Preferably some that know a kilowatt from a free dinner in Washington, DC.

Here we go again. Rocky Mount in an uproar

Yes. Here we go again. I was out of state for a month with family and found my e-mail filling up. So I started catching up and here is what I found.

Please notice how many comments each story generates. I am told Rocky Mount and Wilson residents are really fed up but are finally on board and calling legislators and the Governor. Unfortunately it appears that only a crisis will force this place to cut its labor force to the minimum and address the cost issues. And we are not yet to that crisis. I am more convinced that our state utilities committee will need to regulate these power agencies if we ever want to be charged against the real costs of providing power.

Give the credit to Andre Knight who has really taken on the good old boys and is driving this issue home.

"Trimming" a Budget at ElectriCities, the only place in America adding staff and giving big raises

I find it hard to believe that ElectriCities can say with a straight face that they are assessing all positions for critical needs and trimming their budget when they add staff - lobbyists, communications, temporary secretaries - and still give merit raises and have parties. Unbelievable.

CEO of ElectriCities - No Raise - But What about his Contract?

The 14-member board, including Wilson Mayor Bruce Rose, met in closed session to discuss Tilton's job performance as part of its annual evaluation. Rose and Noble declined to discuss any details of the evaluation or Tilton's contract, a process that is protected by state law. The board, in agreement with Tilton, was unanimous in its decision to not give Tilton a raise.

I see how the evaluation is personnel related but the contract with the details of compensation should be open. Am I right?

Back in 2000, the contract was not secret.

Friday, May 5, 2000
ElectriCities' plan blasted

Will you sign a Citizen Petition Calling for Spending Cuts and New Management at ElectriCities?

James suggested this a few weeks ago and I missed it but someone in Wilson caught it.

We think Rick Dew started one a while back and has names already. What do you all think? Should we do a citizen petition to the Board of ElectriCities citing the budget cuts needed, the need for a new management team?

A group has volunteered to drive around and pick them up and put them all together. You would take the draft, get your neighbors to sign. We will start it in each city.

Lower your Electric Bill. Sign for budget cuts at ElectriCities of NC and removal of current management due to mismanagement.

Another outraged electric customer thanks to Wilson and ElectriCities

Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 10:36 AM

Electric co-op would be better for consumers

As a concerned and disturbed citizen of Wilson over my ridiculously high electric bill, I have these questions. Are we to accept these outrageous utility bills with no recourse? Do we have no voice in how to obtain our utility services?

I have spoken with several people from other counties in North Carolina, and they have co-ops which provide their utilities. Their bills are considerably less than what we are paying and they have larger homes than myself. Do we as citizens not have any way to start a co-op for our utilities?


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