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A bit late-- the corks have long been popped...

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of your BlueNCers for your efforts over the past year in making 2008 the most successful election in North Carolina in my lifetime.

Your advocacy propelled the stunning victories of Kay and Larry-- two outsiders who worked incredibly hard to beat entrenched incumbents. Bev-- our first female Governor- was lifted over-the-top in a very competitive Gubernatorial race in which every vote was critical. Then there were the slew of first-time statewide candidates including Walter Dalton, Janet, Beth Wood, Wayne Goodwin and God-knows whom else I forgot. It was a good year for new faces; the vintage 2008 political vine has an impressive body and texture

Why it <was> important that you Make the Calls to Washington This Morning

The historic vote about to take place in the House is going to cost us $700 billion. It's either going to help the credit markets or simply pass our money to benefit shareholders of private corporations.

Whatever you may believe, call you Representative now. Use your voices.

My thoughts below the fold.

A Rescue Plan which Puts Americans First

Like you, I’m awestruck by the sudden implosion of our financial markets over the past weeks. The magnitude of the crisis before us is unprecedented but the storm clouds have been on the horizon for some time. Here’s an excerpt from an economic policy piece I authored last December:

Here’s what scares me about our economy……the collapse in the mortgage/ derivative securities market has begun rippling through the economy. Only $50 billion of the estimated $400 billion in losses sustained by investors in exotic mortgage/derivative securities have been accounted for. Our largest financial institutions have been weakened. Given the rapid decline in the value of the dollar during the Bush Administration’s unchecked stewardship of our economy, there is a very real concern that the Euro may displace the dollar as the gold standard held by investors and central banks worldwide. Should that happen, the dollar would weaken even further and, to put it simply, our economic strength would be undermined dramatically.

A U-turn by Jim Neal

Okay guys, I've done a 180 on this VP issue ...

Front-paged by James
After reflecting on the content of the speeches by Senators Obama and Clinton last Tuesday, I did a bit of soul-searching on the issue of my having supported the draftobamaclinton.com movement.

I am uncomfortable with the notion that any candidate can lay claim to deciding how they are going to use their 18M votes going forward as did Senator Clinton-- in spite of the fact that Sen Obama is the presumptive nominee.

Your votes are entrusted to a candidate, and they can be withdrawn. And in the aftermath of her remarks on Tuesday evening Senator Clinton has obviously changed her course.

It's understandable how she must have felt as she spoke on Tuesday. I imagine that in the moment-- after such a historical, grueling primary season-- the pressures and emotions with which she was grappling were daunting.

A page turns....and thank you from Jim Neal

Firstly, I want to again congratulate Senator Hagan on her nomination as the candidate to beat US Senator Dole in the 2008 senatorial race. I have told Kay that she has my full support and encourage you to work hard on her behalf.

To the staff, volunteers and bloggers who made our campaign so vibrant I thank you. We were a lean organization running a 21st century grass roots campaign. We took almost 20% (about 250,000) of the votes cast despite our lack of resources and the fact that nobody in NC had a clue who Jim Neal was 7 months ago. I am very proud of each and every person who volunteered their time and contributed to our campaign.

State of Economy - Jim Neal's Plan

People across North Carolina are frustrated with their economic reality. Our nation’s economy lost 80,000 jobs last month. For those who do have jobs, take-home pay buys less. The cost of gas, housing and food are rising. And most feel that politicians are more interested in protecting campaign contributors than regular citizens.

Statement on the the 40th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Death by Jim Neal, candidate for U.S. Senate

On this day when we recall the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. we can also be inspired by the courage he showed in dark and dangerous times. His words continue to remind each of us to find our own words to speak out every day for a tolerant and just society.

Jim Neal on How to Lower Oil Prices NOW

[crossposted on Daily Kos and my campaign blog]

It’s critical to understand the reasons for our skyrocketing oil prices if we want to lead our country away from protracted conflicts in the Middle East and towards energy independence.

The United States is the world’s largest consumer of oil, using about 20 million barrels per day. Petroleum is not traded in a free market. If the oil market were truly free, it’s unlikely we’d be paying over $100 a barrel. Oil prices are in fact highly manipulated by people who claim to be proponents of free market capitalism and cartels that are interested in anything but a free market. But our government has the power to manipulate oil prices as well. It could bring down the price of oil, if it so chooses, by opening the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Tapping this cache of over a half a billion barrels of oil would have a dramatic and immediate impact on oil prices.


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