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Another update!

I'm proud to announce that one of our concerned citizens was able to have a nice chat with a reporter for the New York Times News Service a while back, which resulted in an article about so-called "attack sites" being published in many NYT-owned newspapers throughout the south, including the Hendersonville Times-News!

While this article does have a few glaring inaccuracies, the most important thing here is that the URL for was printed in the Sunday edition of the local newspaper in the most conservative part of the 11th district, if not the entire state. update

A couple of quick updates:

- A primary "victory message" was added to the front page of, where our friend Charles proceeds to rub John Armor's face in it big time and celebrates by voting "yes" on HR 4975

- A few new news updates, including details about the honorary doctorate degree that Western Carolina University is bestowing upon him, and the place where Jack Abramoff isn't sleeping.

- I got word that from the printer that hella-sexy bumper stickers are actually sitting in a box somewhere in the 11th District, waiting for some brave soul to pick them up. As soon as that happens, whatever's left over after we slap them up all over Western North Carolina, we'll see about distributing via snail mail. Keep your eyes peeled for details.


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