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It's been fun, folks!

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Lovers of All Things Snarky,

Let me make one thing perfectly clear - we didn't want to make this website. We had to. Under the ideal conditions this website wouldn't have been necessary in the first place. And now, as you've no doubt heard by now, those ideal conditions have arrived. Several years late, but better late than never, and thus completely nullifying our very reason to exist as an Internet entity.

In other words, this site is being put out to pasture.

Charles Taylor Uses Unsolicited Automated Phone Messages to Wake Up Small Children!

Hello again, folks.

A couple of evenings ago I was BCCed on an e-mail that was sent to Rep. Charles Taylor's campaign headquarters. I asked him if he would mind my sharing it with the online community, and this morning he agreed, on the stipulation that his name be withheld. The following is quoted verbatim; I added superscript for footnoting purposes:

To whom it may concern:

My wife and I are helping take care of my nephew, and he was awakened by our telephone at approximately 9:03 PM this evening.¹ The "caller" was, in fact, an automated message from your campaign. This is upsetting because not only is it extremely difficult for my nephew to get back to sleep, but this call came up "Unknown" on my Caller ID. This is ironic, because if I recall correctly earlier this year, in June, Congressman Taylor was opposed to these exact kinds of phone calls, according to his "Capitol Connection" e-mail newsletter.²

Guerilla Advertising Comes to NC-11!!!

I wish that my site could take credit for this; we can't, but this was too good to let sit in my inbox until I had time to publish updates...

I got an e-mail this morning from a guy who put together his own DIY political ad, attacking Charles Taylor. Kind of timely, too...

Click here to check it out.

Apparently there's going to be a whole series of these leading up to November 7th. I'll have to put this on the site ASAP. Relaunches!

Ladies and gentlemen:

I just wanted to let you all know that the redesign is complete, and that has been officially relaunched! There are a couple of things that need to be fixed, but it's a very minor javascript thing that will be repaired this afternoon and in the meantime won't effect the site in a noticeable way.

Congratulations to BlueNC's own Greg Flynn for providing us with the winning slogan, "He's laughing all the way to his bank"! Your shirt & sticker "combo pack" will be on its way to you in the next couple of weeks. To anyone else who submitted slogans, I'll be PMing you for addresses to send your bumper stickers to. Needs a New Slogan! (Maybe)

As you've likely seen, Taylor hired a team of webmonkeys to redesign his campaign site. As evidenced by this JPEG:

he's still using the same slogan, "He's Fighting Our Fight".

I'm not sure if I want to stay with the snarky slogan, "He's Rich, and That's Okay!" or not. Ideally, I'd like to see something a little more... oh, I don't now, biting. Sarcastic. Dirty. So, I'd like to put it to a vote.

If you could do us a solid and either PM your suggestions to me, or send them via e-mail @ sorrycharlieATtaylorsucksDOTorg, myself and a couple other Concerned Citizens will mull it over. To sweeten the pot a little bit, everyone who submits a suggestion will receive a bumper sticker, just like the one featured here! If your suggestion is the one that we roll with... umm, I think we need to think about that. But your efforts will be recognized!

Taylor Finally Had His Campaign Website Redesigned!!!

A few minutes ago, just for giggles, I cruised over to Charles Taylor's campaign website (, and to my surprise it had been redesigned!!!

Wow... looks like ol' Chuck threw me a curveball here.

Let me just say that a complete redesign of will beginnnnnn.... now.

"He's fighting our fight" - puh-LEEEZE, Charlie!

New Content @!

It's been a busy day here @ HQ, and we'd like to invite you to scope some new content that was just added to the site mere minutes ago:

- In the News section, you'll now find details on Charles Taylor's vote on HR 1887 back in 1999, and how your rights to stomp on small animals in the prurient interest are directly affected by this bill's passage. Also, you'll find musings on Taylor's first radio ad, as well as the conspiracy to get real aliens to vote as part of Pelosi's real plan to take over Congress.

- Also, on the main page, you can read all about Taylor's duality when it comes to the issues portrayed on his first big reelection (taxpayer-subsidized) juxtaposed with his real views and votes.

We're, and We Approved This Message!

Ladies, gentlemen, and concerned citizens of Western North Carolina,

Much has been made of the first radio ad of the NC-11 campaign season. If you haven't heard it yet, it's a negative attack ad that really doesn't have anything derogatory at all to say about his opponent, Heath Shuler, but does attempt to associate Shuler with "San Francisco liberal" Nancy Pelosi.

Quite a few people who have heard this ad have been rather up in arms about it, dismissing it as dirty politics as usual. So, we here at have issued our own corrected version of the radio ad, in the hope that a few points would be highlighted and clarified.

Yet Another Update!

Yes, there's new content on the news page, where Chuckles the Clown tells us how he really feels about raising the Federal Minimum Wage!

Coming within the next 24 hours: more illegal immigration hijinks, and a "corrected" version of his recent radio ad.

This will be the first of a barrage of updates we have planned. Hopefully we'll be able to keep up as the NC-11 campaign goes into high gear.

Toodles for now, and thank you for your support!

Lyle C. Rashorta

Guess Who Was in DC This Weekend?

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to actually get inside the Cannon HOB to slap one of those stickers on the placard just outside of Room 339. This will have to do.

It was a narrow escape - I was able to slap several more of these around the Cannon and duck into the Capitol South Metro in the nick of time before Capitol Police had any idea what hit them. Unfortunately, as several concerned citizens are aware, these stickers are very easy to peel off - nearly 100% of them that we've applied to downtown Asheville have disappeared within hours of their application. In fact, if you look closely at this pic, you can see that DC's humid climate already started to peel the damn thing off automatically! I need to have a word with the printer...


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