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Waiting in line for health care

Just back from a Saturday morning trip over to Newport, TN, where Knoxville-based Remote Area Medical (RAM) is holding one of its medical “expeditions.”

RAM’s head honcho, Englishman Stan Brock used to wrestle large snakes and gators for Marlin Perkins on TV's "Wild Kingdom." Brock formed RAM in 1985 to bring medical care to patients in remote areas of third-world countries. Now, sixty percent of RAM’s work is in “urban and rural America.”

Campaign workers of the world unite

Tired of struggling with election software programs that aren't user-friendly, won't speak to each other, or won't print out cleanly? Have a "tech nightmare" to share?

This just popped into my mailbox. I pass it along for your perusal:

Sign the Integration Proclamation

If you work for a progressive organization or campaign, you probably struggle with technology. You probably have multiple databases and tech tools that half-work, but drive you crazy because they don't work together, and do everything you need. You're not alone. Thousands of us have struggled for years with splintered systems that don't get the job done.

If you want the progressive movement to finally have the tools we need to win our campaigns, you should sign The Integration Proclamation. Check it out at IntegrationProclamation.com, and after you've signed it, send it around to your co-workers, colleagues, allies and anyone else who fights for progressive social change.

Integrated? Seamless? Interoperable? They can't mean Democrats.

2006 midterm results indicate success for Dean's Fifty State Strategy

Thursday Chris Bowers at MyDD posted on a study by Harvard University's Elaine Kamarck indicating early success for Howard Dean's Fifty State Strategy. The study focused on "39 congressional districts where Dean had made an investment in organizing" (as opposed to states where the organizers worked at the state party headquarters for all U.S. House candidates). The North Carolina Democratic Party now has three organizers.

...those congressional districts where the DNC had paid organizers on the ground for over a year more than doubled the Democratic vote over what would have happened due to forces outside the control of the Party, such as the war in Iraq and the unpopularity of a Republican President.
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