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Rahm Came Through

Your tireless efforts are finally paying off friends. When Congressman Rahm Emanuel came through North Carolina this past Saturday, he came through for the 8th District and our campaign as well.

You'll be pleased to know we now have the full financial commitment of the former DCCC Chair and all his committees, as well as his challenge to others to help raise the funding and support your hard work earned many times over last year.

Please Vote Yourselves "Grassroots All-Stars" Right Now

I really need your help today.

As you know, North Carolina's 'can do' campaign has been honored as one of the picks in Democracy For America's 2007 All-Star Grassroots challengers. What you may not know is we've learned we held the early lead thanks to netroots support and our outreach efforts, but have quickly dropped behind, most likely due to the large population in the states we're up against.

I know that can't sit well with North Carolina Democrats any more than it does with me. YOU are the grassroots All-Stars of 2006, and will be of 2008. Let's prove it to the world.

Larry Kissell 2008, Kick Off Tour Goes Into High Gear

Last week, I told you about my announcement at the Young Democrats of NC convention, the support of DCCC Recruitment Chair Congressman Artur Davis, the first of the 330 voters who'll make the difference in '08, and my upcoming tour of the single District that the Netroots and National Party alike have adopted as America's top Red-to-Blue opportunity - North Carolina's amazing 8th.

I'd like to take a minute now to talk about upcoming County Conventions I'll be attending over the next two weeks, the forthcoming visit of former DCCC Chair Congressman Rahm Emanuel, and the next of the 330 voters that either couldn't vote, didn't vote (but wish they had) or voted for my opponent and now regret it given the closest election in 2006. Meet Kevin from Cabarrus County, the second of the 330 voters that will make the difference in 2008.

NC-08: Larry Kissell Live, 2008 Kick-Off Tour!

This is it. Your invitation to join us in North Carolina (or at least live on-line) for the kick-off of what some are calling the most exciting 2008 rematch from last cycle.

As you know, just after coming up only 330 votes short of victory, I announced an immediate challenge to Robin Hayes for 2008. What you may not know, however, is just how far we've come in the short time since then. Last month, not only was I invited to speak to the Democratic caucus in DC, but our good friend Congressman Artur Davis, DCCC Recruitment Chair, came back to North Carolina with me to personally endorse my candidacy and address the amazing Young Democrats of North Carolina that did so much for my friend Congressman Heath Shuler last time.

No Child, Voter, Worker, or District Left Behind

Friends, I have so much to share and so little time to do so, I thought I'd just pop in during my break and post an update on the the little campaign that could, thanks in no small part to BlueNC.

If you know anything about my 2006 campaign, you know we broke the mold, broke the rules, made our own support, and just about won in spite of all the odds.

So knowing me and the fact that I'm a school teacher now after 27 years in textiles, you shouldn't be surprised that when the DCCC invited me to DC this week to meet with them about 2008 I had to speak my mind, and I did.

This is progress?

I think this nugget from Monday's Herald-Sun is worthy of more attention. And where better to spotlight our state's changing economy than BlueNC?

Forest products industry becomes NC's largest Manufacturer

The forest products industry has surpassed textiles as North Carolina's largest manufacturing industry, as measured by employment and wages, according to figures collected by the College of Natural Resources at N.C. State University.

The number of people working in the state logging, wood products, paper and furniture industries as of the middle of 2006 was 103,165 versus 82,110 in textile mills, textile product mills and apparel manufacturing.

The rest of the story is this...

According to Hardwood Review Weekly which keeps track of these statistics, between 2000 and 2006, 279 U.S. furniture factories closed in 29 states, totaling more than 64,000 lost jobs. Between 2000 and 2005, North Carolina lost 68 percent of its 32,000 furniture jobs.

My name is Larry Kissell and I'm running for Congress

Of course, all my dear friends at BlueNC know who I am already. Your tireless efforts and support helped make this amazing campaign.

I'm going to be brief with this post, since I have a lot of work to do tonight and I hope you all already know what you mean to me. You're truly good people, and I thank you for that on behalf of all the hard working families in the 8th District.

I just released this statement I wanted to share with you.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"The fight for the future of this District is too important to postpone another day. That's why I'm running for Congress in 2008 starting right now.

After today's recounts, I offer Congressman Hayes a belated congratulation for his victory now that the votes have been counted.

Many, Many Thanks BlueNC!

Just posted to DailyKos. Of course, BlueNC deserves the lion's share of credit.

What can I say... other than THANK YOU NETROOTS!

If you've followed my campaign at all, then you know what a big deal this is and should feel very proud of the part each and every one of you has played in bringing our fight in North Carolina's 8th District to the national foreground.

Your resolve made this happen. My enduring thanks to you, Congressman Artur Davis and Chairman Rahm Emanuel, who I'll let do the talking now.


Thanks to everyone that kicked off our massive volunteer push both in-district and at in a big, big way this weekend. We're off to a phenomenal start, and with this momentum will definitely be the talk of the nation come November 8th, all thanks to you.

I'd also like to thank everyone that came out for some good bar-be-que, good Gospel music and good fellowship Friday night with Congressman Hefner too. He is such a straight shooter, and it was so refreshing to hear him tell the crowd how he regretted his vote for the NAFTA experiment. Quite a stark contrast to my opponent that recently told Fox News he hasn't made a mistake in 8 years.


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