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WMD Whistle Blower: Today’s Creative Loafing Cover Story

As most of you know by now, Ambassador Joseph Wilson will be headlining an event for my campaign in Charlotte this Saturday. I hope to see you all there.

What you may not have seen yet, however, is the wonderful cover story in today’s Creative Loafing on the Ambassador’s visit. I hope you’ll read the entire article, but some of what the Ambassador says deserves mention here, as it serves to elaborate on why I’m so honored to have this patriot join me.

Today is Women's Equality Day

I don't know what it says about our Country that Women's Equality Day passes with such little fanfare. Today, however, marks the anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment and the end of the long battle to secure Women the right to vote. As we observe Women's Equality Day today and look back nearly 40 years ago when Bella Abzug established it, let's look not only at how far our society has come, but let's look at the work we still have to do.

Class of 2011 is Counting on Us

Teaching full time while running for Congress in North Carolina's 8th District has it's moments, but it has endless possibilites too. Next week the graduating class of 2011 will begin high school and we have an opportunity, even a responsibilty, to get our Country back on track before they head out into the world.

Our next generation deserves so much more than mine has left them, but with your work here, and in communities like it both on-line and off, we will rise to the challenge.

I've been talking about this for over a year

As I said when I announced my campaign, Fiscal Security is National Security, and China is a looming threat. I've repeated a thousand times that if the United States were a publicly traded corporation, our major stockholder would be China because they keep buying up all of the debt we've been spiraling into.

It comes as no surprise then, at least to me, that China is making more headlines today than criticism for press and human rights violations as they begin their one year countdown to the Beijing Olympic Games. Amid all the other bad news on Wall Street today, MarketWatch reminds us:

"The U.S. and China are engaging in mutually assured economic destruction..."

Real Reason We Do What We Do

When you run for Congress you meet a lot of people. I've been blessed to meet thousands of wonderful folks all over North Carolina's 8th District, but I want to tell you about someone I met recently who has touched my life.

My family has been going through what too many families go through - my sister-in-law is fighting cancer. She is a strong and wonderful woman who shows me and others around her every day what real courage is. Maybe it is because of her illness that I first noticed a local news story on a young man from Hoke County named Ven Davis who is planning a cross country bike trek to raise awareness about the type of cancer his 4 1/2 year old son, Kai, is fighting. Ven is fighting for his son Kai's life and trying to do anything he can to get folks to pay attention to what his child and other children are facing.

Independence in Education

As I told News 14 this week at the July 4th celebration in Harrisburg, the reason we continue to work so hard is that the issues that were so important to our supporters are still there. We know where Robin Hayes stands believing we need him, more than he needs us. We can't let his feet from the fire for one minute as votes impacting our nation continue to be decided by those in Washington.

One subject in particular, you know to be near and dear to me as I've blogged on it often, is revising No Child Left Behind.

60 Hours Left to Prove Netroots Power to DCCC

You know the deal BlueNC. When Washington wouldn't return my phone calls, you were there, believing in me all along, and we came within 330 votes of victory in North Carolina's 8th. Now, we are running hard for 2008, already in the nation's closest rematch, only this time with the DCCC behind us. But let me explain what that really means, and why the final 60 hours of our first full fundraising quarter are so important, to me, to you and to defeating Robin Hayes in a little under 500 days.

Hard Times in the Congressional Multimillionaires' Club

Yesterday's Charlotte Observer has a fascinating look at some of the multimillionaires's representing our state in Congress. Topping the list as usual is my opponent, pro-CAFTA textile heir Robin Hayes, who also apparently leads in debt. When I read he was a million dollars in debt, for a split second this school teacher stopped worrying about my Mastercard bill that I'm still paying on from the election last year. Then I read on...

Annual report reveals the price ranges of lawmakers' assets Rep. Robin Hayes has more than a million dollars in debt, but it's not the pitiful variety.

It's what the licensed commercial pilot owes on his airplane, a Beechcraft King Air.

The Concord Republican, a descendant of N.C. textile tycoons, is still squarely in the congressional multimillionaires' club, according to the 2006 financial disclosure forms made public last week.

Calling the 'Least Among Us' to Be a "Big Shot" for Democracy!

It's just a little over 500 days until the November 2008 elections and, contrary to my youngest daughter's opinion, I believe the Internet serves a greater purpose that dressing and redressing a Zwinky doll.

I know first-hand the power of the Netroots, and considering the attention we've received lately from the power-brokers in DC, I'd say they're starting to realize it too. But as I reflect this Sunday morning before church, scanning the news and political blogs, thinking about both the dire straits that politics as usual have led this nation and how blessed my common sense campaign for the heart and soul of Congress has been to have the support of all of you, I've decided we need to go to the next level.

I want YOU to be the new power-brokers in our Democracy.

Blue Moon

I spent a lot of time last year explaining to folks that it was a Blue Moon election year. Last night was the first Blue Moon since then…

In politics, of course, a “Blue Moon” is the rare occurrence of Congress being at the top of the ballot with no Senate or Governor's race. Now we think of it as what we call the second full moon occurring in the same month, but any farmer will tell you it really means having an extra moon in the growing cycle. Last night I saw it coming home after a long day of teaching followed by my 'second job' of making fundraising calls, and started reflecting on the sacrifices I make being away from my family to do this and the sacrifices I'm asking others to make of their time, money, and other resources.


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