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Tuesday Twitter roundup

Republicans are not done with their voter suppression efforts:

They apparently just want to rewrite the whole dang Constitution. More reason for us to GOTV in November and drown them in the Blue Wave.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

This is what's known as a "net gain" on the candidate front:

Regardless how you feel about the DCCC throwing its support behind a Primary candidate, it makes no sense to have five Democrats running for one hard-to-win Congressional seat while Legislative seats in the same area go uncontested.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Talk about a spike in attendance. There's usually only about 20 or so people at this monthly meeting:

And as a companion Tweet to that one:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Not bad for the first day of filing:

But that does leave 55 House seats to push for in the next 15 days. Roll up your sleeves.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Weird (bad) news on the gerrymandering front:

This may be happening in Pennsylvania, but I wouldn't put it past NC's Republicans to try it also. Hopefully no film at eleven.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Should be at least near the top of your priority list:

Listen to Tara, she knows what she's talking about:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Also not surprising to anyone who's been watching:

Standard operating procedure in Popeland. If a poll or report does *not* originate from a Koch-funded right-wing institution, there must be some inherent bias in it. That's the danger of living with propaganda for so long: pretty soon the real stuff seems out of whack.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Check off NC Senate District 45:

Still a lot of empty slots, folks. Keep working the Blue Wave.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Schools are crunching their budget numbers right now because of this poorly thought-out move:

Just a heads-up, at 4 p.m. today, use the hashtag #ClassSizeChaos and make your opinion known on Twitter.


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