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Tuesday Twitter roundup

Big news on rights for undocumented workers:

Like it or not, they share the roads with us, and making sure they understand road signs and such is a safety imperative.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Topping the list is pay-to-play politics, McCrory style:

Hypocrisy is McCrory's middle name:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with a breakthrough in citizen oversight of law enforcement:

Yes, this is a good thing. Bad behavior cannot survive under public scrutiny.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Keeping this one front and center:

It appears McCrory's delay is more sinister than just procrastination:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The GOP's great tax shift continues:

This is what happens when you realize your previous "bad idea" won't go unnoticed, so you switch to another "really bad idea" and hope that one won't hurt you come election time.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Good leadership means recognizing an opportunity for what it is:

And not what national political campaign advisors tell you that it is. Expanding Medicaid is not only the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do as well.


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