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Tuesday Twitter roundup

Today's top story is radioactive:

Van der Vaart's obsession with nuclear energy could cost us dearly in true renewable energy generation:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The war on women turns Orwellian:

I long for the day when the New York Times no longer has a bi-weekly update on how backwards and misanthropic North Carolina has become. But as long as its happening, I'm glad they're paying attention.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Big Brother Pat wants to see your insides:

The next time a Tea Partier spouts off about freedom and liberty, ask ‘em about this:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Possibly the most interesting political development from yesterday:

And just to allay any potential concerns you might have: Yes, Thomas is a seasoned political consultant, but there's also a solid policy wonk just under the surface of that campaign veteran. Dude is smart and realistic, which is critical when it comes to crafting legislation that has more than a ghost of a chance of making it all the way to the President's desk.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Possibly the biggest election issue for McCrory come November:

Oh, he's starting to lead now, but in the wrong direction:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

GOP attack on voting continues:

Early voting provides working people with more opportunities to exercise their Constitutional rights. If the GOP was really a friend to the working class, they would want to expand early voting, wouldn't they? Yes, that was a rhetorical question. We all know the answer.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Especially appropriate with the start of candidate filing:

Bookmark that link, this is only the first installment:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Amid all the hate, true leaders emerge:

Unfortunately, some politicians have no shame:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

When parental choice (or grandparental) turns dark:

Tell me again how we're allowing overly-sensitive students to dictate policy because they are easily offended? Adults who don't even have children at this school forced the closure of an LGBT students club. Every penny of taxpayers' money should be revoked from this charter school.


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