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Tuesday Twitter roundup

Look who's joining the sophomoric #ncpol mudwrestling match:

Here's an idea, instead of chirping on social media and whining in the op-ed pages, why don't you get back to protecting NC's Environmental Quality?

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Amidst the Roy Cooper fanfare, we can't forget the reasons we need a new Gov:

A bill turning down Federal money to feed the hungry was screaming for a Veto, not a plate of cookies.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Some words of advice from the gentle giant:

I almost wish my election was happening today, so I could be done with it...

Tuesday Twitter roundup

He said it, I didn't:

And you think that's a good way to do the people's business? Voting for something sight unseen, and then "catching up" later, when there's not a damn thing you can do about it?

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The GOP's favorite new approach to lawmaking:

How can you even write a rule that would allow this? It boggles the mind.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The stealth budget approaches:

The best hammering of this particular nail that I've seen so far:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Rising seas often leave many boats sinking:

Like many work-related issues, paid holidays should be a law, not a "benefit" that only some enjoy.


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