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Tuesday Twitter roundup

Where Hulu treads, Netflix is sure to follow:

Cue the right-wingers to make some derogatory comment about the quality of streaming television vs old broadcast networks. And here's another biggie:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Paranoid Pat wails about the mean old media:

He really is an immature fist-clenching whiner. Hopefully the voters will finally see the little boy they put into office last time and send him home.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

If the voters learn nothing else from this "special" session:

Unfortunately, as I've mentioned a few times before, Tea Party types are either silent when it comes to government punishing/oppressing citizens of which they don't approve, or are actively involved in such treatment. Liberty for some, tyranny for the rest. Hypocrisy has no better home than in a patriotic nationalist's mouth.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

If you see any shenanigans, sic Will on them:

And call Democracy NC at 1-888-OUR-VOTE

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The quintessential incompetent:

Your job isn't to "fight the President," it's to work in conjunction with the House to develop policy. No wonder we can't get anything done.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The proper response to political gamesmanship:

I would have added a few choice expletives, but that's one of the many reasons I'm not running for Governor.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Three cheers for equality:

And when the Republican-led NCGA moves to countermand this vote, they will demonstrate (once again) their big-government, power-hungry roots.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Map ink on his hands:

Frankly Scarlett, those satellite hearings *should* have been postponed until Tuesday. Dangerous roads are a serious impediment, and will negatively affect the number of people and diversity of opinions at said hearings. But putting roadblocks in the way of the public is par for the course for the GOP, and I'm sure they view this snowfall as a benefit, and not a problem.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

A glimpse into the bizarro world of Republican ideology:

While other states are contemplating decriminalizing drug abuse and opting for treatment methods instead, we're moving to take away *all* medical treatment for drug users, even the life-saving parts. Congratulations GOP, you've set a new standard for wrongness.


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