Same-sex Marriage

The United Methodist Church is getting a divorce

A "Traditionalist" faction is breaking away over LGBTQ issues:

The plan would sunder a denomination with 13 million members globally — roughly half of them in the United States — and create at least one new “traditionalist Methodist” denomination that would continue to ban same-sex marriage as well as the ordination of gay and lesbian clergy.

It seems likely that the majority of the denomination’s churches in the United States would remain in the existing United Methodist Church, which would become a more liberal-leaning institution as conservative congregations worldwide depart.

This was inevitable after hard-liners recently voted to ban gay ministers and same-sex marriage. As an outsider looking in I'm hesitant to pass judgment, because I know several Progressives in the church that were hoping to eventually change it across the board from within. But life is too short to put up with such prejudice, and LGBTQ folks deserve to take part without being subjected to controversy.

He said she said "burned to the ground."

The only things missing are pitchforks and torches:

Haley Kitts is the legislative assistant for Republican Rep. Lee Zachary, who represents Yadkin County, Alexander County and portions of Wilkes County. According to Bradley, Kitts told him: “Trust me, there are definitely parts of this bill that he does not agree with but his home, his school, his law office would be burned to the ground if he did not vote for it. It’s Yadkinville. It’s a very conservative place. He’s just doing it to save face.”

But now she says she never said such a thing:

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