Republican idiocy

Tuesday Twitter roundup

It's all about the Benjamins:

Now we'll see a test of wills between moderate Republicans and my-way-or-the-highway Tea Party nutters:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Not too cold to stop discriminatory legislation:

Morally bankrupt and legally unsound:

Mr. Pittenger goes to Israel

And disparages his own President with idiotic historic references:

The Charlotte Republican accused the president of appeasement in negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

“Benjamin Netanyahu is the Winston Churchill of our day, warning the world about Iran,” Pittenger said. “President Obama is the Neville Chamberlain of our day, in seemingly total denial of the enormous risk and … (how vulnerable) we are to their nuclear capabilities.”

This idiot has no business sitting in Congress, much less on any committees that have any national security implications. Obama hasn't "given" anything to Iran, and he's actually bullied the rest of the world into not doing business with the regime in Tehran. As opposed to the right wing's hero Ronald Reagan, who gave Iran very heavy weapons:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The NCGA laser-focused on jobs and the economy:

Um, what? Seriously, what? So, if you're in a 55 mph zone, and the car in in front of you is going 30, you're stuck there. *sigh*

Tuesday Twitter roundup

As the days go by, the injustice grows larger:

Pardoning the innocent is s no-brainer, Pat. Just do it.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

There's always one in every group:

Right, because giving the shaft to people who have already dedicated half their working years to a job and aren't likely to quit is such great management. Hopefully pursuing a Master's in English Literature will help this essayist better understand the definition of injustice. p.s. N&O, the word is "myopic."

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Unfortunately, this is now a Top Story:

In the spirit of slowing down on the highway to see if somebody is still pinned in the smashed-up car:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The Executive Branch is about to snap off:

And every time he steps in front of some reporters, they need to ask him about it.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The RWNJ Twits (who think they swung the Tillis/Hagan race) are going after Boehner:

And when they fail, they'll blame it on Obama, of course.


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