Paul Ryan

Trump/GOP tax cut plan biggest swindle in decades

Which of course requires that you lie about it:

Given such overwhelming support for raising, not cutting, taxes on the wealthy, it makes sense that President Donald Trump and his allies in Congress would present their tax plan as benefiting the middle class rather than the rich. It’s about “people who are low- and middle-income,” says House Speaker Paul Ryan, “not about people who are really high-income earners getting a break.” Trump has even claimed “the rich will not be gaining at all with this plan.”

Unfortunately, those are bald-faced lies. The plan includes weakening and then eliminating the federal estate tax, a levy paid only by the wealthiest households in the country—it only kicks in on estates worth over $5.5 million for individuals and $11 million for couples.

The Estate Tax is the Holy Grail for the wealthy, and the GOP's (and especially Trump's) devoted followers have gobbled up the "Death Tax" propaganda for years now, even though 99% of those followers would never be subject to it. In the realm of magic performances, this one makes David Copperfield's vanishing jet airplane seem like an 8 year-old's card trick in comparison. And if you really want to laugh (or cry), check out what GOP policy "wonks" believe is the Middle Class in America:

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