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Egg on my face - Open Thread

Boy, oh boy! I sure do feel terrible. I thought it was a good time to highlight our LG live-blog sessions. I had in the back of my mind that all three of the more "progressive" candidates had already been offered individual live-blog opportunities. I was wrong. Both Hampton Dellinger and Pat Smathers have been invited to live-blog with us and an invitation will also be sent to Walter Dalton as well. I apologize for the oversight.

Democratic Debate Open Thread

Tonight the grownup will not be in the room. John Edwards is at the Carolina v. Boston College game with his daughter Cate. The first debate without JRE brings all sorts of questions to mind. Will Clinton and Obama get snippy with each other? Will the debate have any substance? Will the pundits annoy the ever loving daylights out of us? Will I actually start liking one of the remaining candidates? Does it matter? The nominee will be selected long before our primary in North Carolina and I will most certainly vote for the eventual nominee. I don't have to like him or her.

Open Thread - Indulge Me Edition

I will be out for much of the day, so thought I'd leave a clean, fresh open thread for everyone. We will have a debate open thread set up tonight and I'll tend it while I'm watching Carolina and Boston College go at it. Speaking of Carolina.....did anyone read the piece in the Charlotte Observer titled, " Hard foul not easy to forget"? (paper edition)

South Carolina Primary Returns Open Thread

It's quiet around here today. I'm collecting some information from different sites on the primary in South Carolina. Some polls are quiet while others are seeing very high turnout. It's chilly and clear, so weather shouldn't be keeping folks at home.

It will be interesting to see just how accurate or inaccurate the polling numbers are in South Carolina.

Time will tell.

BlueNC Running on a Two Hour Delay - Open Thread

I went to bed last night after standing on my porch mesmerized by the clumps of snowflakes falling in my front yard. There's almost no ambient light out here, so the spotlight I turned on created this bright area off the side of my porch and it was surrounded by absolute pitch black. There weren't any lights on in the few homes close by, but if you looked carefully you could see tiny lights from their doorbells. We awoke to the sound of rain, but it's cold enough for the snow to survive even a heavy downpour. Here are a few pictures of my back yard. I used a zoom lens. If you look carefully, you might see cows through the trees.

Presidential Debate Open Thread

Keith O is saying, "It's the stupid economy". The economy has overtaken the war in Iraq as the number one concern of many voters. Who is positioned to capitalize on this shift in the priorities of the American people?

Maybe their answers tonight will clear things up for those who haven't decided.

Which Republican will carry Michigan? Will Kos's endorsement push Romney over the top in the mitten state?

Join in the conversation below.

New Hampshire Primary Open Thread

With the first votes having been cast and counted in Dixville Notch and Hart's Location, the first primary of the 2008 presidential campaign is under way. The latest poll closes at 8:00pm.

Polls show Obama leading Clinton with some giving the Illinois Senator a commanding lead. Some polls are also showing John Edwards surging at the end.

The Independent Weekly has been covering both Iowa and New Hampshire happenings. You can find links to their coverage in the top green box found on the front page and the tracker page of this site.


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