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Monday Open Thread

There are really only two hobbies that I enjoy more than blogging - gardening and working on campaigns. To me gardening also includes canning and preserving the bounty from my garden. We are in the height of pepper season and contrary to popular belief, you don't pick them already pickled. I wish I had taken pictures of the bushels of tomatoes I brought in. I can't believe I failed to document them in some way. We couldn't eat them fast enough, so this year I froze them whole to save them for the peppers so I could make salsa. That time has come.

Beach thread

I am heading to the beach for my first non-blogging vacation in four years. I will return on Saturday. Sure, I might pop in if I find somewhere with internet, but I doubt I'll go driving around looking for that spot. This was a surprise trip, so I spent much of yesterday scrambling to make sure our pet sitter was all lined up.

You are in capable hands...although most of them don't know it yet. I still haven't sent all my emails. I don't think the world will come to an end of both James and I are gone.

Gregflynn, usernamehere, LoftT, Funluvn and Jerimee will be taking care of the front page and OrganicGeorge has offered to help out moderating comments. Thanks to all of you for holding down the fort.

Y'all have fun and don't start any new revolutions without me.

Weekend Open Thread

I'm packing my kids off to the beach for a week with my mother and working on several projects around the house. I'm not exactly looking forward to time away from my girls. We have so much fun talking politics. They're even more liberal than I am.

I guess to make up for missing them so much I'll have to spend even more time here chatting about politics. You people are soooo lucky. :D

So, what's on your calendar for the weekend?


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