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BlueNC WoW Returns Next Week - Open Thread

The women of BlueNC will return to the front page next Wednesday, April 5. We decided to reschedule today's WoW due to the instability of the site. While it is working pretty good right now, I was worried we could lose it at some point during the day.

However, We have some banners to try out in preparation for next week. We will situate one banner at the top of the page for the entire day and one banner will be sized down and will headline each post, much the way we do the "Breaking" and "Exclusive" banners. I can resize these to make sure they don't break the page.


Anglico's offerings:

More on the flip....

ACC March Madness - Open Thread

I'll be damned if State didn't beat Duke. I know Kirk says we really shouldn't mix politics and religion, but here's an open thread for all things round ball......and politics.

Lady Tarheels are up by two and last I checked the men from NCU were losing to Maryland.

What game are you watching? C-span channel are you watching?

NC Graduation Rates Released - Open Thread

We have a couple more posts that may come in later in the afternoon for BlueNC Women on Wednesday. lcloud has been working on a post, but was surprised with an opportunity I'm sure she'll share at the appropriate time and may choose to hold her post. Trust me, you'll understand when you hear about it. Also, NCDem Amy has captured that nasty virus that's going around and is doing her best to finalize her post.

I hadn't planned to put anything on the front page, but thought everyone would be interested in the data out on North Carolina's high school graduation rates. From the News & Observer:

The results showed noticeable gaps in the graduation rate among racial, ethnic and economic groups. While 73.6 percent of white students graduated, the rate dropped to 60 percent for blacks, 55.3 percent for low-income students and 51.8 percent for Hispanics.

There was also a gap among the sexes, with 72.4 percent of female students graduating, compared with 63.9 percent of males.

Head on over to the N&O to see how your county performed.

BlueNC Women on Wednesdays (WoW) Open Thread

I had so many story ideas running through my head to introduce today's writers. I've had a sneak preview at four of the articles and they speak for themselves. There is nothing I need to add. I will have a post for tonight. You can use this open thread while you wait for our first post at 10:00am.

Thought you might enjoy these:

Do you think this woman was heckled or jeered? Of course, why do you think there was a crowd of men around her? Do you think they were the welcoming committee?

In this petty little place deep in my heart I'm hoping their dinners were cold when they got home to them.

Monday Morning Open Thread

My children have missed playing in the snow the past couple of years. Yesterday we had our doors and windows open and enjoyed the beautiful spring-like weather. I miss having at least a few weeks of winter. Here's a pic from my archives. My girls have the Carolina hats on. The rest are friends from the neighborhood. Great kids, every single one.

....and yes, those are boogie boards you see. We are all beach people - not ski people. They were also known to sled in laundry baskets.

What's on your mind this morning? Any good links to pass on? Any happy news?

Open Thread - Wild Political Theories Edition

Remember this thread where I proposed the idea that Sue Myrick might be planning to run in place of Liddy Dole? I came to that conclusion based on two things. First, Myrick came out quickly to dispel rumors that she was entertaining a run for Governor. Second, she ran hard against a candidate with no name recognition in this past election. The only reason I could think she would raise and spend so much money to run against a candidate with a few thousand dollars and no name recognition was to boost her own even higher in preparation for a run for higher office. To back my theory up, a new diarist, PhoenixDem, mentioned the same idea in a diary just a few days later.

More nonsense on the flip....


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