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Sunday Morning Open Thread

Friday was the first day of filing for municipal offices. There was a line to file in Mecklenburg County. Who filed in your area? Are there any hot races on the radar yet?

The man who started the petition to put the transit tax on the ballot is running for school board. Hmmmmmm. It could hurt him as much as help him since a majority of the people support the transit tax. I guess it just depends on whether folks in that majority head to the polls on election day.

Weekend Open Thread: Youtube Bonanza

What's your favorite Youtube? I have one here from July 4, 2007 of the Harrisburg celebration featuring Larry Kissell and Robin Hayes. Great press except the twit young reporter claimed that Democrats were attacking Hayes' support of the troops, when what we're actually doing is questioning his support of the troops given his votes against them in congress.

What have you found lately on Youtube? It doesn't have to deal with politics. Come on now, share people!

What's up in your neck of the woods? - Open Thread

Great news for Charlotte. Even though the city pays its city manager substantially lower than comparable cities, Charlotte has hired a new city manager to replace the retiring Pam Syfert.

Curt Walton, who was one of three men under consideration for the job, was selected in a unanimous final decision last night by the Charlotte City Council. The other two men had their supporters and both brought great qualities to the table, but the final unanimous decision was for Curt Walton.

BlueNC Community Rules - Open Thread

In an effort to promote an open forum here at BlueNC, we haven't imposed a long list of rules or established a large number of offenses that would result in the deletion of content or IP banning of a registered user. However, certain rules are necessary to protect an open forum. For example, exposing someone's offline identity when they've taken precautions to protect it, threats and excessive "trollish behavior could all be considered reasons for banning a user.

We are currently working on the wording of these rules so that they can be added to the FAQ this weekend, however, I'd like to open this up for discussion. Are there other rules we need to discuss? Is there something you think we're missing? (OK...keep it within reason.)

I'll update this as the FAQ is updated.


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