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Open Thread - Weekend Edition 11/16

The past two and a half weeks have been a bit tough here at old Blue. I love this place and I know many of you do too. After dealing with all the controversy, though, I saw something beautiful had happened.

Christopher wrote a post announcing that he was planning to start a Young Dems chapter in Cabarrus County - a Republican stronghold. In the comments of that post, I witnessed this exchange:

Open Thread - Site Burp Edition

Some days BlueNC should come with a warning label. Here's the one for today: Don't panic! We're having site burps.

One community member temporarily was blocked from posting comments. Nothing had been done on our end to restrict this user. We checked the account and it was fine. We're left blaming it on site burps. The problem solved itself from what I can tell.

Fresh Clean Open Thread

What's going on in your back yard?

It's campaign season locally. I'm having a hard time getting into it. The realtor's association has anti home and land tax signs up. Local Republican government wants the transfer tax, but no telling how the voters will go. I have a lot to learn about Union County politics.

Does anyone else have the transfer tax on the ballot? Anyone? Everyone?


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