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Tuesday Twitter roundup

Schools are crunching their budget numbers right now because of this poorly thought-out move:

Just a heads-up, at 4 p.m. today, use the hashtag #ClassSizeChaos and make your opinion known on Twitter.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Making sure judges don't go too easy on those law-breaking children:

"Cold-hearted" just doesn't quite cover this:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Today's hot story: A desperate attempt by Republicans to bury damning evidence of voter suppression:

Make no mistake, Burr and Tillis aren't just trying to protect Trump nominee Thomas Farr, they're trying to shield their entire party from the exposure of their often disgusting campaign tactics. Hat-tip to Indyweek for some blockbuster reporting:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Today's the big day in Alabama:

Do what Piper says, she has sources who know Everything...

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The front lines in the war against democracy:

Here's a prediction, and one which I hope I get wrong: The November 2018 ballot will have painfully long lists of candidates for judicial districts, and after voters have been forced to slog through all those names with which they're not familiar, they will be given the choice to continue electing judges, or allow them to be appointed. Thus creating a new phenomenon, the "push ballot."

Tuesday Twitter roundup

One of the biggest swindles in history is happening right in front of our noses:

I honestly don't really care if my taxes go up or down, my main concern is the likelihood they will target Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security disability to balance their twisted books. Putting lives at risk just so the wealthy can afford a second yacht makes me want to break something.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Probably the single biggest crisis looming in the near future:

People will literally die in order for Republicans to put more money in the pockets of their wealthy donors. It doesn't get much more disgusting than that.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Bound to be the hot topic for at least a few days:

Since Persily's mandate only covered a handful of districts, the redraw does not represent sweeping changes to the whole state, just a few clusters:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Geremy the Germ has an important public service announcement:

To clarify, Geremy wrote that yesterday, meaning the election is today. Tuesday. I'll have a talk with Geremy about the concept of time passing, and how certain terminology might cause your message to become moribund in just a few hours' time. Is that 4th person? Am I speaking in 4th person? I'm easily confused...


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