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Tuesday Twitter roundup

The Executive Branch is about to snap off:

And every time he steps in front of some reporters, they need to ask him about it.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The RWNJ Twits (who think they swung the Tillis/Hagan race) are going after Boehner:

And when they fail, they'll blame it on Obama, of course.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

2015 will be a lean year:

The GOP's "starvation diet" approach to providing government services.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

A victory that deserves savoring:

A victory that is also somewhat overshadowed by Coop's response:

In the meantime, another extremist anti-abortion law gets struck down

In a unanimous decision released today, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked enforcement of the state’s pre-abortion ultrasound law, finding that it violates the First Amendment rights of physicians who provide abortions.

The extremists are willing to sacrifice all other rights for the inalienable rights of a zygote? Gotta love those family values.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Bringing less than nothing to the table:

Definitely following in Richard Burr's footsteps. Self-styled "defender of veterans" or some other flag-waving label, Tillis will cut their benefits and chicken-hawk them into as many global conflicts as he can, and then take a shower in campaign cash to make him feel better.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The more things change, the more they stay the same:

When the majority is still the minority:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Now I can stop holding my breath:

It was a close one, but that only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. And nuclear weapons...

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The Great Tax Shift in NC continues:

Not sure what "The Sharing Economy" entails, but I have a feeling it will end up costing me something.


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