Tuesday Twitter roundup

He was also a consensus-builder, something Phil Berger has never even tried to be. I would say, "he will be missed," but we've been missing him for some time now already.

A desperate Trump is relying on fringe fraudsters to make his (non) case

Scraping a hole in the bottom of the barrel:

Powell told courts that the witness is an expert who could show that overseas corporations helped shift votes to President-elect Joe Biden. The witness’s identity must be concealed from the public, Powell has said, to protect her “reputation, professional career and personal safety.”

The Washington Post identified the witness by determining that portions of her affidavit match, sometimes verbatim, a blog post that the pro-Trump podcaster Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman published in November 2019. In an interview, Maras-Lindeman confirmed that she wrote the affidavit and said she viewed it as her contribution to a fight against the theft of the election.

This "expert" is a real piece of work. Not only has she (continuously) vastly inflated whatever academic credentials she may actually have, she has taken Stolen Valor to a whole new level:

It's past time we cracked down on religious cults

Violent assault is not religious freedom:

Essentially what separates her [Jane Whaley’s] doctrine from other evangelicals is that she believes that Satan employs an army of invisible demons on Earth — supernatural beings sent from hell to manipulate humans into addiction, illness and wrongdoing. But her followers weren't helpless. They could use what she called a prayer — a high decibel, dramatic, technical blasting, shouting and screaming to drive out those demons. So literally scare them away.

And over the years, it just developed from, you know, screaming and shouting, to doing everything possible to get rid of those demons, and that included punching, choking, restraining people and causing physical harm to cast out those devils.

I listened to a large part of this podcast on the radio a few days ago, and it includes secret recordings of an actual "blasting" session. Ironically, the "minister" who started the yelling contest at a young man who was apparently too concerned about his MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) scores, was an actual Medical Doctor himself. This guy's hateful screaming was bad enough, but when everybody else joined in I wanted to throw up. Here are some of the traits of modern-day cults like Spindale's:

NC families need rent and utility assistance, right now

And the General Assembly is holding onto Billions that could help with that:

“We’re looking at potentially 300,000 evictions come January,” said Rick Glazier, executive director of the Justice Center. “There are probably another 800,000 other total folks who are in utility arrearages in this state. Those kind of numbers, which is why we’re having this discussion today, would overwhelm the courts and social service agencies in this state.” To prevent such a situation, people need the time to work out arrangements for how and whether they can pay their rent, Glazier said.

I don't want to undercut what Rick is saying, but kicking that can down the road with some sort of "payment plan" is just not enough. I'm in a radical mood, so here's a radical idea: The state should use that $4 Billion surplus to buy up people's rent debt. Private debt collectors do this all the time, pay 50c on the dollar and take over the debt. Of course they are bastards and torment families to get their money back, but that initial debt purchase is what I'm talking about. If a family is $5,000 behind in rent, the state pays the landlord $2,500 and cleans the slate, letting that family start over. The state could put a lien on that family's tax returns to recoup some of that $2,500, and maybe give a tax break to the landlord for cooperating. Richard Moore has a similar idea, but it would cost a lot more than mine:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

And now we've got armed insurrectionists marching into government buildings and threatening to kidnap and execute Governors. Shame on us.

Women's health care and reproductive freedom are a top priority

Julie von Haefen has some things to say:

The 72-hour waiting period requires 43% of patients to travel considerable distances across county lines to access reproductive health care and thereby places an undue financial burden on women in our state who need safe and reliable access to family planning services. This requirement isolates rural women from their support systems and burdens them with more financial barriers to abortion access than other women in our state. Taking time off work and waiting three days to receive health care is extremely burdensome for many people in North Carolina, and is especially burdensome, if not impossible, during a pandemic. By repealing the counseling and 72-hour waiting period requirements, our state can break down the financial and political barriers that block many in our state from accessing the crucial reproductive health care they need.

Going into lecture mode now to air a Festivus grievance that has been bothering me for some time: Protecting a woman's right to choose is a core Progressive tenet. I don't care what other Progressive credentials you might burnish, if you choose to leave this one out, you have missed that boat completely. It's not a throwaway issue, something that can be casually disregarded, as I have seen as recently as 2-3 weeks ago. Lecture over, back to Julie:


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