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Mecklenburg County Sheriff Selection Process an Embarrassment

Most of you probably haven't been paying attention to what is going on in Mecklenburg County with the selection of the next sheriff. The very popular Sheriff Pendergraph has moved to Washington to take a job with the Department of Homeland Security. Members of the Democratic Executive Committee gather tonight to choose his successor. Holy mother of pearl, what a nightmare! You will find background here.

Somebody call a Waaaaahmbulance for Jay Morrison

Jay Morrison, the man who instigated the anti-transit tax movement in Charlotte has a bit of a past according to the Charlotte Observer. This morning we in Charlotte were greeted with the news that Morrison was a party in 17 lawsuits he filed against his creditors and if the Observer is giving the full story, these are some stinky lawsuits.

Steve Harrison and Victoria Cherrie of the CharO tell it this way:

Kissell v. Hayes, NC-08: Stompin' in the Park

Saturday was the first day that Larry Kissell and Robin Hayes attended the same campaign event. I've been working much of the afternoon doing my best to write a serious piece of journalism. After all, there was some serious politicking going on at U-PAC's Stumpin' in the Park. My plans were to do a mature piece devoid of snark, sarcasm or silly photoshop pictures.

Yeah....Like that's gonna happen.

The rumor mill started last week with a story that Robin Hayes was bringing a bus full of supporters. The excitement surrounding this event has been building all week. Hayes supporters put signs up along the busy street that runs near the YMCA where the event was held. It happens to be several miles outside the district. The Kissell team put most of our signs in and around the event. Once the event started, it was obvious who ultimately had the better signage.

There's more on the flip...

Kissell, Watt & Davis Give us Reason to Hope

Last night I attended a gathering for Larry Kissell at Veteran's Park in Charlotte. Congressman Mel Watt, NC-12 and Congressman Artur Davis of Alabama spoke to rally the group of Kissell supporters, neighborhood leaders,local elected Democrats and party officials. I figure there's nothing new either of them can tell me about Larry. I've read everything there is to read about him. Hell, I've written a lot of it.

So, for me, it wasn't what they said about Larry. It was the warmth with which they embraced Larry in his bid to represent North Carolina's 8th.

Join me on the flip...

The Verdict is In (Almost!)

The State Board of Elections has determined that Jim Black's campaign did break election laws by accepting contributions over the legal limit, by making contributions in the name of another contributor and by accepting over $27,000 in contributions from businesses.

While no action was taken against Black, Rep. Michael Decker (R-Forsyth) and Scott Edwards, treasurer of the optometrists' PAC were referred to the Wake County District Attorney's office for possible prosecution.

From the Charlotte Observer:

Investigators concluded that Decker, a Black ally, failed to disclose contributions, transferred campaign contributions for personal use without reporting them and filed false campaign reports. Edwards, a Murfreesboro optometrist, was accused of violating campaign contribution limits and filing a false report


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